Watch Live stream👇:** 27th Sept 2022 early morning at 4.44 a.m NASA will crash an 610 kg uncrewed spacecraft called DART into an asteroid called **Dimorphos*.  Liciacube a Cubesat Satellite which already separated from the spacecraft would watching the impact and relay the Ejecta images after impact.  **This approx. Rs.2641 crores** mission ($324 Million) is the world’s first mission to test technology for defending Earth against potential asteroid or comet hazards. Both DART spacecraft & Liciacube Cubsat were launched into orbit by Space X Falcon Mission on 24 Nov 2021 with eye on 26 Sept 2022 flyby.  In this Mission **NASA  will do what no spacecraft has done before attempt to change the speed and orbit of asteroid in space*. If successful this mission will prove humanity’s  ability to stop cosmic objects from devastating life on Earth. Watch it live here . **At time of impacting/crashing the DART impactor spacecraft, the asteroid is at 11 million km from earth**. NASA says there is no danger now or future due to this test for earth. N.SRI RAGHUNDAN KUMAR DIRECTOR PLANETARY SOCIETY OF INDIA .

**Independence Day Wishes - 15 Aug 1969 ISRO Formation Day - Flag on Moon (MIP)-Azadi Se Ghanatantra Thak**

We Wish you a Happy 76th Independence Day. As fellow citizens we have to congratulate each other, as our country which is largest  democracy in the world completes 75 years 🇮🇳 of Independence. 

**For decades** our ancestors did what they can do for the country, fruits of which we are enjoying today. 

**Let's now work** 🤝, for making India one of the bes **Independence Day Wishes - 15 Aug 1969 ISRO Formation Day - Flag on Moon (MIP)-Azadi Se Ghanatantra Thak**t and better place to live for everyone🙏.

**ISRO FORMATION DAY** Further today ISRO completes 53rd Formation Day. Though our Space Prog started in 1962 ISRO came into existence on 15 Aug 1969.

**Indian Flag on Moon** In one among many of significant events in Indian History. 

Planetary Society India(PSI) feels Chandrayaan1 & MIP crash landing on Lunar Surface with Indian Flag on 14Nov2008 as *significant event**. Hence with motive to create awareness on **Space Science & Tech**  motivated by Dr.Kalam's vision & words on Indian Flag🇮🇳 (see 🎥 👇).PSI launched **Azadi se Ghanatantra Thak**  (15Aug2022 - 26Jan2025) with various activities as India will complete 75yrs being republic in 2025.

CHINESE ROCKET BODY (CZ-5B) REENTRY 30 July 2022 9.50pm IST -10.50pm IST – Exact Reentry Location Unknown

Since over a week  newsmedia across world is reporting about 23 metric ton (23000 kgs) core stage of  Chinese Launch Vehicle (Long March 5B) re-entry. As per latest prediction this rocket debris will re-enter earth atmosphere between 9.50 pm IST to 10.50 p.m. U.S. Space Command is tracking the location of this rocket stage and stated exact re-entry point into the Earth’s atmosphere cannot be pinpointed. But estimated it to be  latitude -9.1, longitude 100. **Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies (CORDS)**of Aerospace Corp prepared following map of  Reentry. They say Reentry will be along one of the ground tracks (Yellow or Blue) shown here. However say "It is still too early to determine a meaningful debris footprint". Unfortunately few media organisations have reported the re-entry of space debris to be over India & neighboring countries.

Solar Cycle 11 Years Ago Fb Memories

11 years ago news of **Geomagnetic Storm** spread like fire in Print/Electronic Media.

👆Accordingly I spoke on TV & wrote blog & we gave release after thorough reading, discussion with relevant scientists in India& across World.

Wherein we explained the **11 years Solar Cycle** of the Sun. 

**Recently new Solar Cycle no.25 started (Dec 2019 to 2030)** with regular Sunspots being spotted indicating Heightened activity Sun. The new cycle of Sun will reach its peak by 2025. 

**Today facebook Memories** reminded me of this article on my fb page.Back in 2011 I may not have expected I will be remembering/reposting this after 11years. 

**This year 2022** already, never before historic outbursts on the Sun were recorded in March, April months. 

**As new Solar Cycle will peak by 2025**. Till then we can regularly expect to hear breaking news regarding outbursts from Sun, Solar Flares, CME, Geomagnetic Storm etc..

**Note:**In Jan 2023 ISRO is planning to launch **Aditya L1** Mission to study Sun.

National Technology Day 11 May

 11 May is Celebrated as National Technology Day in India every year. This day commemorates Operation Shakti - Pokhran II Test conducted by India as part of its defense deterrence policy.


On this day *GOOD FRIDAY* while remembering sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We take this opportunity to promote the message of "Unity In Diversity" which is strength of India.. It's essential to remind, as Polarization Politics irrespective of parties is dividing people in name of religion, region, caste, traditions retain their presence influencing voters. 
Let's Hope/Work/Pray our Country remains a better place for everyone to LIVE &stand's as inspiration to the World. It's also time to profess sacrifices, of ALL which brought freedom.
Whereas Church of St.Mary Magdalene, Thumba (making way for India first space facility), efforts of Homi Jahangir Babha, Vikram Sarabhai,  APJ Kalam are few examples of UNITY IN DIVERSITY

Happy Holi - Understanding Colors - Understanding India

Wish you all a Happy Holi.. The information and maps are part of article compiled and published by us in 2017. 

On this day when everyone is enjoying playing with water, colors. We here like to make an attempt to create awareness to understand various colors in these maps ..which give us idea of Water and Soil resources. Importantly idea to Conserve, Preserve & Project with better understanding of The India ...1. Watershed Atlas ( Basin Map) 2. Soil Map of India ...Click on image, download and to appreciate the details.

Source: These maps and information was compiled from Soil and Land Use Survey of India (SLUSI), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Govt of India. 

Prof.U.R. Birth Anninversary 10 March 1932

Padmashri Prof U.R Rao (10Mar1932-34July2017), was an internationally renowned space scientist and served the nation as Chairman of ISRO (1984-1994).He is known as Father of Indian Satellite Programme. Here is special interview of Prof Rao Telecast on Rajyasabha TV 2017 Here links to articles on Prof. Rao on ISRO website 👉 Dont Miss to read 👉 Further ministry of culture, Govt Of India published this tweet

Republic Day Wishes

 We at Planetary Society, India wish you all readers a Happy Republic Day. 

Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse on 19 Nov 2021 Visible in India

The second and Last Eclipse visible from India in 2021 will occur on 19th November 2021. This eclipse is a Partial Lunar Eclipse. Across the world, this eclipse will be visible in the region covering western Africa, western Europe, North& South America, Asia, Australasia, Atlantic Ocean and  Pacific.

Timings of Eclipse& Date: Eclipse in various phases begins at 11.30 am. on 19th November 2021 and Ends at 5.35 p.m. The noticeable Umbral phase begins at 12.48 Noon and Ends at 4.17 p.m. 

In other words: Though astronomically speaking Eclipse begins at 11.30 am. with moon entering the lighter Shadow of Earth called Penumbra and ends at 5.35 p.m leaving Penumbra. People across the world noticeably would witness darkening (or leaving) of Moon’s disk by Earth Shadow in Umbral phase between 12.48 Noon to 4.17 p.m. on 19 November 2021 i.e. which at 3hrs 28 Minutes 23 Secs.

Reason for Being Longest/Lengthiest – Not Visible in Most places: It’s a fact that a Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the shadow of Earth. On 21 November 2021 7.42 a.m. moon will reach the farthest point in its orbit called Apogee. So Eclipse of the Moon on 19 Nov occurs 41 hours before Earth reaching Apogee. Hence as Moon on 19th Nov 2021 is farther away from Earth, it will travel slower along its orbit than at Perigee. In other words Moon near apogee point takes longer to pass through Earth’s shadow making the Partial Eclipse of the Moon on 19 Nov 2021 the longest.

Why Visibility few parts of Assam & Arunachal Pradesh?  The moon rises around 4.24 p.m. in Assam & Arunachal Pradesh whereas the rest of the country Moon rises late. For example like most of the states Moon Rises at 5.43 p.m. in Hyderabad on 19 Nov 2021. Though Eclipse of Moon will occur on 19 Nov in India. Most of the people across India will miss observing this event because Moon rises late and is not above the horizon during the time of eclipse on 19th Nov 2021.  

580 years – 1000 years Social Media Confusion?  Three Lengthiest Lunar Eclipses in 1300 years  – Umbra/Partial phase: Between year 1400 to 2700 three lengthiest “Partial” Lunar Eclipses can be noted i.e 18 Feb 1440 at 3hrs 28mins 46 Sec19 Nov 2021 at 3hrs 28mins 23sec  and on 8 Feb 2669 at 3hr 30mins 02 Secs. This simply means the last time the lengthiest “Partial” Lunar Eclipse occurred was 580 years ago in 1440. Whereas the next lengthiest “Partial” Lunar Eclipse will occur 648 years from Now i.e. in the year 2669.

Names of Moon: In the recent past social media is called Full Moon & allied events with different names. Ex: Full Moon on 19 Nov 2021 is Beaver Moon.  It’s a fact that across the world different folklore name full Moon with different names every month. These Folklore names are based on seasons or astrological reasons. However scientifically speaking natural Satellite of Earth as per International Astronomical Union (IAU) as only one name i.e. Moon.  

The next Lunar Eclipse visible from India which is the Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on 8th Nov 2022. The last lunar Eclipse visible from India occurred on 26 May 2021 which was visible in a few places in India. Whereas the last opportunity to see Lunar Eclipse, for all people across India occurred on 31 January 2018 which was Total.