On 9th May 2023 one of the interesting celestial events “Zero Shadow” will occur at 12.12 pm Noon. Hence to create awareness about this occurrence promoting astronomy, the role of the tropics in Earth's climate is celebrated as “Zero Shadow Day”.  

Zero Shadow occurs when Sun is exactly overhead for a location. Whereas this event occurs twice every year.  The date of Occurrence of this event varies according to the observer’s location in certain latitudes on the Globe.  The next Zero Shadow for Hyderabad will occur on 3rd August 2023 (12.22 pm Noon).

Its a fact that Earth taken has a globe, is separated into two halves by an imaginary line of the Equator. In which northern halve is called the northern hemisphere and the southern halve is called Southern Hemisphere. Importantly for various purposes, we have lines of latitude and longitude drawn on the Earth’s Globe.  Wherein the latitude of the “Tropic of Cancer” is located 23.5 degrees North of the Equator. Whereas the Latitude of the “Tropic of Capricorn” is located 23.5 Degree South of the Equator.  It is important to know 40% of the world's population inhabits the tropical regions of the globe. These regions are typically characterized by hot and humid climates, abundant rainfall, and lush vegetation.

Zero Shadow occurs when Sun reaches the highest point in the sky above the Tropic of Cancer or Tropic of Capricorn every year. Rotation of Earth with 23.5 Degree axial tilt and Earth’s Elliptic path of revolution around the Sun. Results in North Ward movement of the Sun (Uttarayana) or South Ward Movement of Sun (Dakshinayana) in the earth Sky thus contributing to the occurrence of Zero Shadow Day.  Dates and timings.



10 May 2023 (11.53 a.m.)

2 August 2023 (12.04pm Noon)


11 May 2023 (12.08 pm Noon)

1 August (12.18 pm Noon)


12 May 2023 (11.52am)

31 July (12.03 pm Noon)


12 May 2023 (11.51am)

31 July (12.01 pm Noon)




(Between 8 Nov 2022 and Sept 2025 – Five Lunar Eclipses will occur – People in India have to wait till                  7 Sept 2025 to see a Total Lunar Eclipse - Lunar Eclipse occurring on 28 Oct 2023 visible in India is Partial)


On 8th November 2022 a Total Lunar Eclipse will occur. This is the last Eclipse of year, among four eclipses for year 2022. Though this eclipse is a Total Lunar Eclipse, totality is visible only in East or North Eastern state of India based on Moon rise timings before 5.12 p.m. Whereas rest of India would see the eclipse partially till 6.19 p.m.

 The duration of eclipse and percentage of Moon’s disk covered for an observer would depend on rising timings of moon at various locations in India. As Eclipse begins before Moon Rise for people India, we will miss the beginning phase of Eclipse. However people will witness the end of eclipse with Moon slowly leaving the darker shadow of earth by 6.19 p.m.

Across the world visibility of the eclipse is dependent on timings of Moon Rise or Moonset. In few countries people will see eclipse at time when Moon is setting in their location. Example North/South American countries. Which means people in these countries would see only beginning of eclipse.  Whereas at other places people will see eclipse at time when Moon is rising. Example: For people in India & other countries in Asia. Eclipse would begin before Moon rise and they will see the end of eclipse. However, people only in few places across the world would witness the totality of the moon either at Beginning or End of Totality Phase (like east and north east parts of India). This eclipse will be visible in the region covering South America, North America, Australia, Asia, North Atlantic Ocean, and Pacific Ocean.

The Last Lunar Eclipse visible in India occurred on 19 November, 2021 which was Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse in 580 Years. As recorded by NASA from New Orleans the duration of Partial Eclipse on 19 November 2021 was for 3hrs 28 Min 24 Sec.  Whereas the Next Eclipse visible from India which is Partial Lunar Eclipse will occur on night of 28th and 29th October in 2023.

 Timings of Eclipse in Indian standard Time on 8th Nov 2022: Eclipse in various phases begins at 1.30p.m IST and ends at 7.28pm IST. However, the noticeable Umbral phase begins at 2.39 p.m. IST and Ends at 06.19 p.m. IST.  In other words, though astronomically speaking Eclipse begins at 1.30 p.m. with moon entering lighter Shadow of Earth. People can noticeably witness darkening or leaving of Moon’s disk by Earth Shadow between 2.39 p.m IST to 6.19 p.m. IST on 8th November, 2022. Whereas the Totality Phase when Moon’s disk is completely immersed in Dark shadow of Earth starts at 3.46 p.m. and ends at 5.12 p.m.

Next Total Lunar Eclipse in 2025 – East, North East Best Place for 8 Nov 2022: Here is the list of Lunar Eclipses after 8 Nov 2022. (1). 5 May 2023 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, (2). 28 Oct 2023 – Partial Lunar Eclipse (visible in India) (3). 25 March 2024 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (4). 18 Sept 2024 – Partial Lunar Eclipse (5). 14 March 2025 – Total Lunar Eclipse (not visible in India) (6). 7th Sept 2025 – Total Lunar Eclipse (visible in India). Which means there are five Lunar Eclipse occurring in next three years and the next Total Lunar Eclipse will only occur in 2025. Hence people should not miss the Lunar Eclipse on   8 Nov 2022. Whereas on 8th Nov 2022, people visiting or staying in Eastern or Northern Eastern parts of India will get best opportunity to see entire disk of Moon immersed in dark shadow of Earth.

  Eclipse for People In Telugu States – Partial – till 6.19 p.m. – Percentage – What to expect:  Though visible umbral phase of Eclipse starts at 2.39 p.m. before Moonrise. People in Hyderabad can see the eclipse from 5.40 p.m. in Telangana. For Vijayawada in A.P. it’s from 5.33p.m. Whereas people in Rajahmundry will be first to see the eclipse from 5.25p.m. It’s important to note people in north and north eastern parts of both states would be first to witness the eclipse compared to Western or Southern parts. Duration and Percentage of Lunar Eclipse visible is be based on rising time of Moon in their location. On 8 Nov 2022 as Totality phase is already over at 5.12 p.m. before moon rises here. People would miss entire disk of Moon immersed in Earth shadow. They would however see Moon a portion of Moon eclipse as Moon rises in East. Importantly people here would witness Moon leaving earth’s dark shadow by 6.19 p.m.  


 FOR  PLANETARY SOCIETY OF INDIA (PSI), Director, N.Sri Raghunandan Kumar .

PSI celebrated 20th establishment day ceremony on 17th Oct 2022.





1. A Lunar Eclipse:  occurs when earth in course of its orbit around sun, comes between moon and sun such a

way that moon his hidden in the shadow cast by earth. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are

aligned in a straight line. Hence lunar eclipse occurs only when there is full moon.

 2. Penumbra and Umbra:  Earth’s shadow has two parts Penumbra (outer lighter part) and Umbra (darker

part). All Lunar Eclipse begin with moon first entering penumbra at one end passing through umbral phase and

ending  with Leaving the penumbra on other end.

Generally only the Umbra phase is commonly considered as actual eclipse by General public to follow various rituals and traditions leaving Penumbra passage of moon. Whereas scientifically speaking all Lunar Eclipse begin and end with moon entering and leaving the penumbra (lighter outer shadow of earth).

3. Totality in East and North Eastern States – Rest of India Partial: In India Agartala,  Aizawl, Bhagalpur, Bhubaneswar, Cooch Behar, Cuttack, Darjeeling, Dibrugarh, Gangtok, Guwahati, Gaya, Hazaribagh, Imphal, Itanagar, Kohima, Kolkata, Midnapore, Murshidabad, Muzaffarpur, Patna,  Port Blair, Puri,  Ranchi, Shillong, Sibsagar, Silchar, Siliguri, Tamelong, Varanasi, Chittagong are the places where the people can witness the Moon full eclipsed in Earth’s dark shadow towards end of the Totality phase ie. 5.12p.m. Whereas rest of the country people can witness the eclipse in partial phase only with a portion of Moon Disk eclipsed.

4. First & Last Places to see Eclipse on 8th Nov 2022 – Depends on Moon rise time on 8th Nov : People in Eastern or North Eastern most parts of India like Dibrugarh will be the first to see the eclipse on 8th November starting 4.17p.m. In India. They will see the Moon completely immersed in dark shadow of earth as the Totality phase already started at 3.46p.m. Whereas people in Itanagar & Kohima will see the eclipse starting from 4.24p.m. People in Northern most parts of India like ladakh will see eclipse from 5.17p.m.


People in Central part of India like in Bhopal would start seeing the eclipse from 5.36p.m. Whereas people in Southern most part of India i.e. Kanyakumari will witness the eclipse from 5.57p.m. In  Kavaratti (Lakshadweep) eclipse is visible from 6.11 p.m. People in Western most parts of India like in Dwaraka will be last to witness the eclipse from 6.12 p.m. for just 7mins before end of Umbral Phase at 6.19p.m. Here people will see a very small part of Moon Disk eclipsed. This means duration of the eclipse and percentage of Moon disk eclipsed would differ as we move from East or North parts towards Western and Southern part of India depending on rising time of moon for a location.

5. Pregnant Woman  – Superstitious Restrictions – Food Spoilage – Govt & WHO:  During eclipse various restrictions in the form of rituals based on misunderstanding of Eclipse are imposed on Pregnant ladies in India. Cleft lip and cleft palate which is a medical condition is wrongly associated with Eclipse as after effect in unborn kids.  If Eclipses were harmful to pregnant women, unborn kids the World Health Organization (WHO) would have issued medical advisory to nations. At least, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in India would have warned people since last 70 years.  Further regarding food, if it was to be spoiled by eclipse, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), CSIR organisations would have warned people.

     Whereas Science organizations, Government bodies do issue instructions regarding solar eclipse as Sun shouldn’t be viewed directly or through binoculars or x-ray films. But only through solar filters or Grade 14 Welder Glass and indirect methods. However astrologers are misinterpreting these instructions and spreading various myths, superstitions creating fear in the people against eclipses. Further a Lunar Eclipse can be seen directly with bare eyes.

 Now that there is widespread superstition on the issue of Food, Pregnant Women, travel during eclipses. Govt of India should issue special instructions and also prevent superstitious ideas being spread using social media. It should instruct state governments to take special steps to prevent Naraballi (Human Sacrifice) incidents prevalent during eclipses.

 6. Social Media misinformation: Its fact that we see phases of Moon in span of 30 days (New moon to full moon and back to New Moon). I.e. Full Moon to New Moon or new moon to full moon occur in span of 15 days. It’s also a fact that a Solar or Lunar Eclipse occur on New Moon day or Full Moon day. In other words whenever Sun Moon Earth are aligned in a line. If on that day if its New Moon day a Solar Eclipse will occur. During such alignment if its Full Moon day a Lunar Eclipse will occur.

Importantly often Solar Eclipse is followed Lunar Eclipse or sometimes Lunar Eclipse precedes the Solar Eclipse in a Year. The occurrence of two eclipses in a month is not uncommon. However social media few videos are terming the Solar Eclipse on 25 Oct followed by Lunar Eclipse on 8 Nov as rare leading to serious repercussions. People should be alert against such false claims misusing scientific data.


Watch Live stream👇:** 27th Sept 2022 early morning at 4.44 a.m NASA will crash an 610 kg uncrewed spacecraft called DART into an asteroid called **Dimorphos*.  Liciacube a Cubesat Satellite which already separated from the spacecraft would watching the impact and relay the Ejecta images after impact.  **This approx. Rs.2641 crores** mission ($324 Million) is the world’s first mission to test technology for defending Earth against potential asteroid or comet hazards. Both DART spacecraft & Liciacube Cubsat were launched into orbit by Space X Falcon Mission on 24 Nov 2021 with eye on 26 Sept 2022 flyby.  In this Mission **NASA  will do what no spacecraft has done before attempt to change the speed and orbit of asteroid in space*. If successful this mission will prove humanity’s  ability to stop cosmic objects from devastating life on Earth. Watch it live here . **At time of impacting/crashing the DART impactor spacecraft, the asteroid is at 11 million km from earth**. NASA says there is no danger now or future due to this test for earth. N.SRI RAGHUNDAN KUMAR DIRECTOR PLANETARY SOCIETY OF INDIA .

**Independence Day Wishes - 15 Aug 1969 ISRO Formation Day - Flag on Moon (MIP)-Azadi Se Ghanatantra Thak**

We Wish you a Happy 76th Independence Day. As fellow citizens we have to congratulate each other, as our country which is largest  democracy in the world completes 75 years 🇮🇳 of Independence. 

**For decades** our ancestors did what they can do for the country, fruits of which we are enjoying today. 

**Let's now work** 🤝, for making India one of the bes **Independence Day Wishes - 15 Aug 1969 ISRO Formation Day - Flag on Moon (MIP)-Azadi Se Ghanatantra Thak**t and better place to live for everyone🙏.

**ISRO FORMATION DAY** Further today ISRO completes 53rd Formation Day. Though our Space Prog started in 1962 ISRO came into existence on 15 Aug 1969.

**Indian Flag on Moon** In one among many of significant events in Indian History. 

Planetary Society India(PSI) feels Chandrayaan1 & MIP crash landing on Lunar Surface with Indian Flag on 14Nov2008 as *significant event**. Hence with motive to create awareness on **Space Science & Tech**  motivated by Dr.Kalam's vision & words on Indian Flag🇮🇳 (see 🎥 👇).PSI launched **Azadi se Ghanatantra Thak**  (15Aug2022 - 26Jan2025) with various activities as India will complete 75yrs being republic in 2025.

CHINESE ROCKET BODY (CZ-5B) REENTRY 30 July 2022 9.50pm IST -10.50pm IST – Exact Reentry Location Unknown

Since over a week  newsmedia across world is reporting about 23 metric ton (23000 kgs) core stage of  Chinese Launch Vehicle (Long March 5B) re-entry. As per latest prediction this rocket debris will re-enter earth atmosphere between 9.50 pm IST to 10.50 p.m. U.S. Space Command is tracking the location of this rocket stage and stated exact re-entry point into the Earth’s atmosphere cannot be pinpointed. But estimated it to be  latitude -9.1, longitude 100. **Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies (CORDS)**of Aerospace Corp prepared following map of  Reentry. They say Reentry will be along one of the ground tracks (Yellow or Blue) shown here. However say "It is still too early to determine a meaningful debris footprint". Unfortunately few media organisations have reported the re-entry of space debris to be over India & neighboring countries.

Solar Cycle 11 Years Ago Fb Memories

11 years ago news of **Geomagnetic Storm** spread like fire in Print/Electronic Media.

👆Accordingly I spoke on TV & wrote blog & we gave release after thorough reading, discussion with relevant scientists in India& across World.

Wherein we explained the **11 years Solar Cycle** of the Sun. 

**Recently new Solar Cycle no.25 started (Dec 2019 to 2030)** with regular Sunspots being spotted indicating Heightened activity Sun. The new cycle of Sun will reach its peak by 2025. 

**Today facebook Memories** reminded me of this article on my fb page.Back in 2011 I may not have expected I will be remembering/reposting this after 11years. 

**This year 2022** already, never before historic outbursts on the Sun were recorded in March, April months. 

**As new Solar Cycle will peak by 2025**. Till then we can regularly expect to hear breaking news regarding outbursts from Sun, Solar Flares, CME, Geomagnetic Storm etc..

**Note:**In Jan 2023 ISRO is planning to launch **Aditya L1** Mission to study Sun.

National Technology Day 11 May

 11 May is Celebrated as National Technology Day in India every year. This day commemorates Operation Shakti - Pokhran II Test conducted by India as part of its defense deterrence policy.


On this day *GOOD FRIDAY* while remembering sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We take this opportunity to promote the message of "Unity In Diversity" which is strength of India.. It's essential to remind, as Polarization Politics irrespective of parties is dividing people in name of religion, region, caste, traditions retain their presence influencing voters. 
Let's Hope/Work/Pray our Country remains a better place for everyone to LIVE &stand's as inspiration to the World. It's also time to profess sacrifices, of ALL which brought freedom.
Whereas Church of St.Mary Magdalene, Thumba (making way for India first space facility), efforts of Homi Jahangir Babha, Vikram Sarabhai,  APJ Kalam are few examples of UNITY IN DIVERSITY

Happy Holi - Understanding Colors - Understanding India

Wish you all a Happy Holi.. The information and maps are part of article compiled and published by us in 2017. 

On this day when everyone is enjoying playing with water, colors. We here like to make an attempt to create awareness to understand various colors in these maps ..which give us idea of Water and Soil resources. Importantly idea to Conserve, Preserve & Project with better understanding of The India ...1. Watershed Atlas ( Basin Map) 2. Soil Map of India ...Click on image, download and to appreciate the details.

Source: These maps and information was compiled from Soil and Land Use Survey of India (SLUSI), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Govt of India. 

Prof.U.R. Birth Anninversary 10 March 1932

Padmashri Prof U.R Rao (10Mar1932-34July2017), was an internationally renowned space scientist and served the nation as Chairman of ISRO (1984-1994).He is known as Father of Indian Satellite Programme. Here is special interview of Prof Rao Telecast on Rajyasabha TV 2017 Here links to articles on Prof. Rao on ISRO website 👉 Dont Miss to read 👉 Further ministry of culture, Govt Of India published this tweet