Earth at Closest (Perihelion) to Sun on 3 Jan in Year 2024

Earth at Perihelion on 3 Jan 2024: Today, on the morning of January 3, 2024, Earth marked a celestial event known as Perihelion. During this astronomical occurrence, our planet reached the closest point in its elliptical orbit around the Sun for the entire year.

Unlike a perfect circle, Earth's path around the Sun is shaped like an ellipse, resembling a slightly elongated oval. This elliptical orbit leads to variations in the distance between Earth and the Sun throughout the year. Wherein sometimes Earth reaches the farthest or closest point to the Sun.

Today on 3 Jan 2024 at 6.22 a.m. our Earth reached the Closest point it can get to the Sun in 2024. As explained above on 5 July 2024 this year Earth will be at the farthest point it can get to the Sun. Which is called Aphelion.

Here is an image of the Sun from the Year 2015 taken on the day when it was at Perihelion and on the day when it was at Aphelion.

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