75th Republic Day Celebrations of India

 **Happy 75th Republic Day**: While the common man often confuses. Independence Day and Republic Day as one and the same .

 **In the compilation above**👆 we tried to explain the status of people in our country between 15 Aug 1947 to 1950. **In simple words** earlier people under British rule/dominion had British India's Passport. *Whereas* only after  26 Jan 1950 the passports carried the words   **Republic of India (भारत गणराज्य)*. This is because the Constitution of India came into effect 75 years ago on this day.

IMPORTANCE OF BEING REPUBLIC : Its a fact that there are many nations who got independence. But how many are Republic. **How does that make any difference*"? Just look at North Korea, Afghanistan & many of our neighbours..they got independence. But instead of people they are ruled by the military ruler , elected dictator etc. People are ruled under various restrictions. Whereas on 26 Jan 1950 India became republic as Indian Constitution came to operation. Since then and till date even after 75 years. India still remains Republic.

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