15th Anniversary of Chandrayaan 1 (MIP) Landing On Moon - 14 Nov 2008

Yes today 15 years ago on 14 Nov 2008. The Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO) purposefully crash-landed *Moon Impact Probe (MIP) * as part of the Chandrayaan 1 Mission. Which landed Southpole of the Moon's Surface. The Moon Impact Probe had the Indian Flag embedded on its four sides.

Further, MIP (Moon Impact Probe) while descending onto the surface of the Moon discovered *water vapor in the moon's exosphere. Here is a post reminded of "Facebook Memories" from 2014. https://www.facebook.com/raghunandan.psi/posts/10152901705162728 .

*Every year* on Children's Day we at Planetary Society, India have been reminding the public with lectures/posts about this historic Day. 15 years ago in 2008 today 14 Nov The Indian Flag reached the moon's South pole. *Here* is 10yr old article https://www.ournewplanets.info/2013/11/indian-flag-on-moon-on-14-nov-new-truth.html.

Further below here is *Dr. Kalam's Statement after the MIP Landed on Moon 14 Nov 2008*. This Statement is Dr.Kalam's 15-year vision for the Indian Space Programme. And according to this statement of Dr.Kalam, we should have landed an *Indian Astronaut* on the Moon by now in 2023. 

On 17 Oct 2023, our organization (Planetary Society of India) completed 20 years. *As a great coincidence* on the same day on 17 Oct 2023 *PM Modi* after discussion with ISRO Scientists gave a vision/plan for 17 Years.


According to PM Modi's Vision by the year 2040 Indian Astronauts will walk on the Moon*. For more details see the description of the short video

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