Project Mosquito - Experiment and Activity – Implementation plan

PHASE I : - Selection of Student Scientist is done in following categories.
a) 10 MEMBERS - CORE TEAM (representing to lead 100 members).
b) 100 MEMBERS as LEAD STUDENT SCIENTIST (with a team of 9 members each).

PHASE II: - Experiment in various areas:

Step 1 : Lead Student Scientist would select areas to implement the experiment (it can be the place where one of the team members live) .
Step 2. Invitation to people in the colony or the area would be made by the Lead Student Scientist. (Proforma of invitation would be given by the society).
Step 3. Invitation to press for coverage of the experiment would be made.

Result Monitoring: Lead Student Scientist assisted by his team of 9 members would conduct the experiment in presence of people of area/colony and media. Further after four days he would collect feedback from the people on the experiment conducted.

Note: society would coordinate and provide required material, equipments, guidance and amount (raised from participation fee) to carry out the experiment on its own cost.


Society would select 10 students who would form Core team and will work directly under the supervision of General Secretary.

Step 1. Press Conference: Core team of 10 Students (each of them representing 100 students) would conduct Press Conference at Musi River bed.
Step 2. Experiment: at the venue of the meet
Step 3. Request to Meet President: Letter addressed to his Excellency the Honorable President of India requesting an appointment to meet and demonstrate the efforts would be made by Core Team.

Date of Selection 1st and 3rd November, 2006
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