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On 4th March, 2007 one of the spectacular celestial events of the year “Total Lunar Eclipse” would occur. This is first of two total lunar eclipses in 2007 and is unique as it is partly visible from every continent around the world, while it is visible totally in India.

During the eclipse, the Moon is in Constellation Leo, The Moon's orbital trajectory takes it through the northern half of Earth's umbral shadow. Although the eclipse is not central, the total phase still lasts 73 minutes. The timings of the major phases of the eclipse are listed below.

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 1.48.11 am on 4th March, 2007 (20:18:11*)
Partial Eclipse Begins: 03:00:20 a.m. Sunday March 4, 2007 (21:30:22*)
Total Eclipse Begins: 04:14:13 a.m. Sunday March 4, 2007 (22:44:13*)
Greatest Eclipse: 04:50:56 a.m. Sunday March 4, 2007 (23:20:56*)
Total Eclipse Ends: 05:27:37 a.m. Sunday March 4, 2007 (23:57:37*)
Partial Eclipse Ends: 06:41:28 a.m. Sunday March 4, 2007 (01:11:28*)
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 07:53:44 a.m. Sunday March 4, 2007 (02:23:44*)

* Timing given in the right side edge in each line above with star are as per UTC as on 3rd March, 2007. Time given on the left was converted adding +5.30 hrs to get Indian Standard Time (IST).

Planet spotting enthusiasts, Morning walkers, Student who like to spot planets can find Saturn towards West Direction towards right of moon at 3.00 a.m. on 4th March, 2007. Interested can visit for Sky Map, power point presentation and simulated animation of Lunar Eclipse as seen from Hyderabad.