Spot Jupiter on 29th July, 2007

Space Science Academy has been established as per mandate of the society with prime motive to supplement the efforts of society while taking “amateur astronomy” aspects of the subject and involve wider participation of general public in relation to various celestial events for promotion of astronomy.

Background of our Press Release – “Gurupurnima” – Requests received: In past few days Society received large number of requests for tips/guidance to locate Jupiter in Night Sky on the occasion of “Gurupurnima”. Many reasons including special prayers, Meditation etc.. on the eve of “Gurupurnima” were sited.

Society taking in consideration the rich heritage, culture and traditions respects the spiritual beliefs of people who like to be connected to cosmos. Hence, Society likes to utilize this “sudden interest” about planet Jupiter as an opportunity to promote astronomy.

Mythology: “Planet Jupiter according to Indian traditions and rituals is known as “Brihaspati” or “Guru Graha”. Brihaspati is the Guru or Teacher of Gods. Whereas Shukra (Planet Venus) is known to be teacher of Demons. The day of full moon, Purnima, in the month of Ashadh of the Hindu calendar is traditionally celebrated as Guru Purnima by Hindus. On this day, devotees offer puja (worship) to their Guru. This was the day when Krishna- dwaipayana Vyasa – author of the Mahabharata – was born” – Various Websites.

SPOT JUPITER (Brihaspati – The Guru of Gods):

People from all over India can spot Planet Jupiter with naked eye. One has to look towards area between South East and South direction to find bright (star like object) PLANET JUPITER after Sunset.

Jupiter is the second bright object after moon on 29th July, 07. Planet Jupiter can be best seen in the evening sky upto 3rd Week of December this year after which it can be seen only in morning skies.

How to Differentiate Planets among Stars: One of the easiest ways to identify planets among tons of stars is to apply the fact “Planets don’t twinkle, whereas stars twinkle when one observes the night sky from earth”.

Further General Public can use simulated images of positions of Planet Jupiter as seen from various parts of India at for assistance. Presently Monsoon being at its peak all over the country cloudy skies can be a greater hindrance to spot this planet.

Note : 1. Visibility of Jupiter on 29th July in sky is one of the general/common celestial events in night sky. This event is not of much astronomical significance. But, is an excellent opportunity for amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts to observe Planet Jupiter like on any other night.
2. Planetary Society, India respects the beliefs of people, however likes to promote scientific awareness while working against superstitions.

Kindly click on right side coloumn to download the images of jupiter as to be seen from various parts of our country on 29th July, 2007.