Life On Mars - Mysterious Woman - Dymystified

Dear Members,

I am happy that at last we are having the first post of the year. Well, you may say it took that mysterious lady (as reported in newspapers,Tv Channels)to bring me back on here.

Of course not i wanted to write on here about my visit to Childrens Science Congress (25 -31 Dec,07) at Pune, Earth at Perihelion (on Jan 3 2008), Quadrantids Meteor Shower (on Jan 4, 2008), National Science Congress at Vizag, Year of Planet Earth Three Day National Workshop (17-19 Jan ) at IICT & CCMB. I have lots of developments/news to share with you all. However we will talk about it bit later.

Right !

Let us First understand where the story of Woman on Mars first started from :

1. Click Here This was the first i Saw on CNN IBN site
2. Click here from where this story first originated from Daily Mail london.

Also See this Video : Courtesy CNNIBN click here

Then What is the Truth ? Was what written and shown on Media is Correct ? Should NASA really comment or Speak on This issue in first place ?

My Immediate suggestion to all of you is just not to believe in the reports. You may very Well ask me Why? Just look at this Video and Come back Few Hours for full report (after approval of the draft by our committee) of mine which will include face on mars, rabbit on mars etc....

Well !
When Did i first came to know about this report "Mysterious Creature on Mars" ?
As usual its our active members (from schools/Colleges/online subscribers) who called me/mailed me about this news in T.V Channels, newspapers.

This time One of the student Mohan from Dilsukhnagar Public School (grade Xth) called me at 11.30 pm on 22nd Night. Followed by a Call from Swetha from Aeronautical college of Engineering Dundigal (who was on her way in a train, to attend Techfest organised by IIT BOMBAY).

Last time somebody called me about mars (mars to be hit by an asteroid in January) was Sai Krishna Reddy of St.Joseph School, Kingkoti.

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