Does Beatles space broadcast 'risks alien attack' ?

Friends It Alien News these days. After the reports of "Lady on Mars" went in air. And subsequent proof which people now understand it as "pigment of imagination" of some over enthusiastic clever fellows out there.

We thought people will not talk about aliens/ET etc.. for some time to come.

However this article in The Telegraph "Beatles space broadcast 'risks alien attack' kept the internet and people around the world abuzz with alien talk......

To Know the reason for this buzz click here to read the article published in the Telegraph. This news with opinions of scientists from SETI project was was reported in New Scientist and further shot into prominence, in background of "Sound of Silence" meeting which was held at Arizona State University in Tempe recently.

Whats the Beatles (world famous group)have to do with all this.... ?
As you are aware NASA is celebrating 50th year of it Explorer I launch.This first satellite launch marked a giant leap into future for NASA. Further On Monday, February 4th 2008 is the exact 40th anniversary of the Beatles recording their anthem of universal peace - "Across The Universe" - in 1968.

So on On February 4th, NASA using its Deep Space Network(a series of large radio antennas used to monitor/communicate with probes to other planets) beamed the Beatles song "Across the Universe" to the star Polaris.

Initially we here, were amused for choice of Polaris. As per available data (as on today), Polaris does not have any Planet around it. We thought they could otherwise, should have selected a star with Planet or may be to a star which is 40 light years away instead of sending it to Polaris (which is 431 light years from earth).

Any may you be please to read this news reported on published on ABC News.

So You may ask what is our say ? About Alien Attacks ?
We have great number of reasons to believe that Chances of such an attack from aliens is not possible. However you may have to come here back .....

Then Why did we bother to write all the above in first place ?
Good question, yes today we recieved a call from a Reporter from SAHARA TV CHANNEL (one of the National Television Channels in India). They are making a special half hour programme with opinions of scientists from all across india (including an expert from our society), which would be broad cast to reach your T.V. not aliens though..

Extra Solar Planet : planet orbiting other stars are refered as Extra Solar Planet or Exoplanet. And just like the "Pluto Demition - New Definition" saga... Astronomers under a division of International Astronomical Union are working to put forward a formal definition of Extra Solar Planet.

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