Mars Occultation - Moon

On 10th May, 2008 Moon comes between earth and mars hiding mars for 72 minutes for the observers on earth. i.e. Planet mars disappears and reappears in the night sky because of its occultation by Moon. Or in true sense on can say moon will eclipse planet mars. This event is visible in entire India.

Dissappearance – Reappearance of Planet Mars - Timings for Hyderabad :

From Hyderabad people can witness the disappearance of planet mars happens at 7.57 p.m. and lasts for 72 minutes and only at 9.09 p.m. one can see mars to reappear in the sky after being eclipsed by Moon.

Observe with Naked eye
This Celestial can be observed with naked eye. If one like to study the features of moon or mars he would need telescope otherwise not.

Direction to See:

One has to look towards west direction. Society suggests people to begin their observation by spotting Planet Mars (star like object ) above Crescent Moon in the western sky at 7.15 p.m. Then wait for the time of disappearance of planet mars to be hidden by moon , only to reappear after 72 minutes.

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