Fireball in the Skies of Canada

Yeah we are just back from 16th National Children's Science Congress State Level meet held in Vijayawada on 21-22nd November, 2008. Nearly 250 Student Scientists presented their papers( from 23 Districts of Andra Pradesh State) to a panel of 21 judges selected by Andhra Pradesh State Council of Science and Tech,Govt of A.P.

While we were there we came to know about this incident of CANADA where meteor was witnessed by people. Before that i hope you remeber our article dated 7th October,2008 click here when we reported about a small asteroid which entered earth's atmosphere and which was discovered well 18 hours before its entry. However there is no video or photograph taken by any observer except some web cam images and report of KLM airline people seeing a flash in the sky.

So here is the video of what exactly happened in CANADA.

you can see the sky being suddenly lit by something coming at great speed. Yes there are many updates now over web. We would return with them at earliest.

Further our closest neighbor Moon "impacts" by Meteors are very common. As you can see in our previous post containing images of moon sent by Chandrayaan I there are lots of craters created by such impacts. We hope Chandrayaan does record the Moon impacts as well live in its two year study of moon.

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