Penumblar Lunar Eclipse on 9th Feb, 2009 Visible in india - Not Significant

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On 9th February, 2009 the first (penumbral) lunar eclipse of the year would occur. This is visible from India. Further people Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia., Pacific, Western parts of North America. can also witness this eclipse. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse begins at. 6.08 p.m IST and ends at 10.08 p.m.

The Maximum covering of moon while passing through Penumbra (i.e. lighter shadow of earth) will occur at 8.08 p.m when 90 % of Moon would be under the lighter shadow (Penumbra) of Earth.

Visibility - best time to view - Colour: this eclipse being penumbral people can feel to notice shading only when 2/3 of Moon’s disk is immersed in the lighter shadow of earth. Unlike beginning or ending of this eclipse, the best time to watch is 7.30 p.m. to 8.50 p.m when people can witness change in the color of moon noticeably.

Color – Naked Eye: this eclipse is easily visible to the naked eye as lighter dusky shading in the Moon’s disk, this color varies/depends upon the location, atmosphere of an observer. Lunar eclipse can viewed without any aid.

However this event is not much spectacular like Total or Partial Lunar Eclipse where moon enters the darker shadow (umbra) of earth and appears to be in the color ranging from dark brown and red to bright orange and yellow. Even then its an exciting opportunity for space enthusiasts to watch out.

For Schools: Society requests students and schools to observe the moon on 8th and 9th February to understand the change in the disk of moon with a view to promote scientific temper or academic point of view.

Images, Video can be found here in this post on 8th Feb,09 evening.

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