2009 DD45 - New Asteroid Discovered on 27th Feb - Flyby 63,500 km 2nd March, 09

Just few days ago on 26th February,09 i was discussing with Mr.Srinivas Laxman Times of India about Asteroid called Asteroid 2009 BD81. I asked him if knows of any study and tracking work going on asteroids, comets in india.

Further based on our press release a good friend in Deccan Chronicle wrote an article on Asteroid 2009 BD81 (discovered on 31st Jan,09), which was published on 27th Feb,09. The article talked about how this asteroid would miss earth by 7 Million K.m. on 27th Feb,09.

Another New Asteroid Discovered on 27th Feb,09 at 6.22 a.m.IST :
It just surprises me. On the day the article was published about Asteroid 2009 BD81 and people might have just started reading the article in the morning sipping tea. Another new asteroid was discovered 12:24 UT ( 06:22 a.m. IST) on 27 Feb. This new asteroid is designated as K09D45D 2009 DD45 (small asteroid, Earth MOID=0.1 LD, H=25.4 ~28m) by SSS. Its size is expected to be nearly 33 meters.

Will miss earth by 63,500 K.m. :
Whats interesting is that this object will pass close from earth at 63,500 km at 19:14 p.m.(13.44 UTC) today (2nd March,09) evening. So it also means that we dont need to worry because its not going to impact.

Can you spot this object ? Kelly Beatty says Even though it's small, likely no more than 100 feet (30 meters) across, it'll brighten to magnitude 10½ at its closest — easily within reach of an 8-inch backyard telescope

Further he says this isn't the closest "near-miss" asteroidal fragment on record. According to the MPC, tiny 2004 FU162 skirted just 4,000 miles from us on March 31, 2004.

Here you can see how close this asteroid will pass from earth : Click on the video to enlarged version from host site.

Other related videos are suggested by Host site for which we are not responsible.

If you remember my article on 7th October,08(2.45 a.m.)click here. i Just repeated the last para.

Meek Surrender :
Society always advocated for greater study on Asteroids. Right now nations have left this job to institutions/organsiations in USA/Europe. It's high time active observation and effective tackling methods are thought about.

Before finally ending this post I like you to imagine A huge Asteroid/Comet (Like the one impacted in Siberia 100 years ago)coming towards your country.
Now check/find out what are the solutions available with your country ?
Is there anything your government can do ?
Are there any effective methods to stop the possible impact of such Astroid ?
Was there atleast anyone who thought about such impacts or asteroid ?

Finally very clearly you know that this Small Asteroid Asteroid 2009 DD45 is harmless or for that matter Asteroid 2008 TC3 (Oct 08) or Asteroid 2009 BD81 (27th Feb,09). Just imagine what would be the case if it were to be huge ? or Would have an impact ?.........How much time you have to prevent or even understand it ?

Is anybody listening in india ?

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