Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 6th August,09 - Insignificant event of academic interest - Visible from India

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when earth in course of its orbit around sun, comes between moon and sun such a way that moon his hidden in the shadow cast by earth.

On 6th August, 2009 the third (penumbral) lunar eclipse of the year would occur. This eclipse though can be said to visible from India,Americas, Europe, Africa and West Asia is of only academic interest.

Timings of Eclipse in India :
This eclipse begins at 4.34 a.m. IST on 6th August, 09 and ends at 7.44 a.m. IST on 6th August, 09. Nearly 40% of moon disk is immersed in Earth’s Lighter Shadow called Penumbra.

The timings under UTC are beginning of eclipse at 23h.04 m 21sec UTC on 5th Aug,09 and ends at 2h 14 m 08sec UTC on 6th August,09. It may recalled that ambiguous data on the NASA page and lack of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse data on Indian government sites has led us to misinformation regarding the date which now stands corrected. When approached to responsible NASA authorities two officials responded. Importantly society represented and requested the concerned with gist of suggestions which may be taken into consideration to avoid such incidents of misinformation in future. However in true spirit of our letter action is still pending.

Is this penumbral lunar eclipse it Significant/Spectacular ?

This event on 6th August is not much spectacular. During a Total or Partial Lunar Eclipse moon enters the darker shadow (umbra) of earth and appears to be in the color ranging from dark brown and red to bright orange and yellow. However during Penumbral Lunar Eclipse there would not be any visible significant change for an observer.

When is the next Lunar Eclipse? Is it visible from India ?
Finally year 2009 ends with a Partial Lunar Eclipse on 31 December in late evenings while welcoming the New Year. Yes this eclipse is visible from india.

Note: For those who undergone the inconvenience due to misinformation regarding date on this site/Press Release may if needed request the copies of communication and replies to and from NASA authorities.Importantly a gist of our observation and suggestions to the concerned. For this you may mail us at planetarysocietyindia at

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