11th Anniversary of Planetary Society, India - Festival of Lights Reminding Loss of Ancient Heritage

Today Planetary Society, India completes 11th Year of its Establishment. Importantly society completes six years after its birth (registered) on 17th October,2003 under A.P.Societies Registration Act, 2001.

There is lot to talk on birth/origin and Evolution of the society. The role it has played over decade for now and its impact.It is a fact that our society is one among the few organisations in the country working consistently for promotion of space sciences. Being busy with work for recent floods in state of Andhra Pradesh this post with details about us would be short. Anyway here is the article previously written click here. Further you may kindly find time to browse through article under following headings towards right of this post named : On Television channels and Animations, OUR ACHIEVMENTS, OUR PROJECTS.

Today Entire India celebrates the Festival of Lights (Diwali). This festival is known to commemorate the victory of good over bad. Our society wishes the people of country on this great occasion.

Enivronmentalists:We know environmentalists are not the happiest lot for this part of year in India for range of reasons like sound pollution,air pollution etc..there impact on humans, animals.

Poor becoming Poor : Further it is matter of great concern that there hasnt been much of change in lifes of poor. As it may be seen poor are becoming more poor and rich becoming more rich. This has been a issue for developing countries for long time. Respecting beleifs of people we hope the Goddess of Wealth (LAKSHMI) who is worshiped today does the needful to the poor.

However we are greatly concerned by the report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which indicates it is the poor who would suffer a lot due to global warming.

Thanks to framers of Indian Space Programe there has been some change though not fully (due to various reasons) where space sciences have been reaching to everyone making significant contribution to life's of people.

After 6 years : After six year of successful run we believe our responsibilities have increased more than before. It is a fact that the mandate of society's aim and objectives are not just for astronomy or space sciences. They are very broad covering issues like Environment,Health, Socio-Economic progress, Culture, Heritage, UN's Initiatives etc.. where it is intended that space sciences to act/propel as a vehicle. This combined with our own understanding that space sciences can make a difference.

So we feel that we should focus and concentrate more on other responsibilities entrusted in the mandate of the society. As this is the need of the hour. So here is one such which we like to bring to your notice.

As a child we all grew with idea that dark is bad. So we see light every where.Our fellow countrymen particularly today (on occasion of Diwali - a Festival of Lights) unlike any other day, are also doing there bit with variety of artificial fireworks, crackers ensuring to establish this great truth written all over. But in the recent past science has proved how this over victorious light has been playing havoc with our life importantly animals, birds and plants.

Dark Skies - Ancient Heritage : Since time immemorial humans have always been looking up to the skies. UNISPACE III Declaration of United Nations says "Having in mind that humans have always gazed at the sky with wonder and .... from such was born the curiosity that drove early astronomers to study the movements of celestial bodies, from which the foundations of modern space science and technology were laid"

Every day when our ancestors used to look up to the skies they would notice the sky filled with stars. There minds had regular journey into skies trying to understand the mysteries of cosmos. However today's generation doesn't have the opportunity to understand this ancient heritage i.e. dark skies thanks to light pollution and various other factors.

We would like to write a detailed article with link here in few days from now. As to why Dark Skies are important.

Dark Skies Awareness Campaign: However beginning today society would every year celebrate this festival of lights with Dark Sky Awareness Campaign India. Under this campaign efforts would be made (through planned sky observations with/without telescope) to make people realize what they are doing, importantly losing the ancient heritage of dark skies.

The idea is very simple. Environmentalists have been making lots of efforts to communicate various issues to people. However very few understand the magnitude of the problem. So under our week long campaign every year we would ask people to look up to skies to find out on their own and spare a thought to know the reasons behind disappearance of thousands of stars from our view.

NOTE : This article and above campaign is in true spirit of society vision "to make people realize earth is a planet unique with life".

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