Galilean Nights - Spot Jupiter with Naked Eye

Planetary Society, India with a view to encourage general public participation in world wide observation activity of “Galilean Nights” Project proposed by International Astronomical Union as part of UN proclaimed International Year of Astronomy requests and presents Naked eye observation of Planet Jupiter.

Planet Jupiter: rising 4 minutes early than the previous day Jupiter can be spotted up till First Week of February 2010 after sunset. Presently it is the brightest object in the sky after moon. In Oct-Nov 09 Jupiter can be located high above in southern sky and setting in western sky by midnight. Dec 09 -Feb 2010 it can be found towards area of south west and West direction.

Direction – Time : after sunset at around 7 p.m if one can look towards the sky above in south direction. One would find a bright star like object which is Jupiter.

Using Moon from 24th – 30th October: often its difficult to spot a planet among number of stars around. However using Moon as guiding instrument from 24th-30th anyone can easily locate Jupiter.
i. 24-26 towards left of moon : from 24th -26th if one can locate the moon and look left side near the moon one can find Jupiter which very bright. Importantly people can notice the decrease in distance between Jupiter and Moon as it appears from earth every following night.

Here is the Sky Map for your assistance : Click on the image to see large size of Map

ii. 27-30 Towards Right of Moon : whereas one would see Jupiter would appear towards right side of the moon from 27-30th Oct. Further General Public can use simulated images at for assistance.

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