Asteroid 2010 AL30 - Earth Flyby

Here is a post i am writing in urgentness after long time. Object 2010 AL30 will make its closest approach to earth at 12:48 GMT on Wednesday.Its 1.50 a.m. IST now and this object is expected to flyby by 6.18a.m IST nearly 4.30 hrs left. However as you may see its goes around in a year and misses us many occassions.

This unusual object will make a close flyby of Earth coming within only 128,000 km (about 80,000 miles), or at a distance about three times less than the moon’s orbit.

At closest approach on Jan. 13th, 2010 AL30 this object will streak through Orion, Taurus, and Pisces and glow like a 14th magnitude star.

Here is another view of the same.

This object is an Apollo-type asteroid, which are Near-Earth asteroids that have orbits which cross the Earth's orbit and pass approximately 1 AU or less from Earth. Immediately after its discovery there were many doubts whether its Asteroid or perhaps a piece of space junk, like a spent rocket booster?

This object 18 meters long, and astronomers say there is no chance it will hit the planet.

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