Mars Closest To Earth on 27th Jan - Next oppurtunity 2012

You can click on following links to know details about Mars opposition and closest approach.

How to Locate Mars :

Here is how you can locate with your own eyes. Telescope is needed only if you want to appreciate finest features of mars.

People can spot Planet Mars with naked eye after sunset. One hour after Sun set looking towards the sky opposite to sunset, in the evening one can spot Planet mars between East and North East direction. Whereas at midnight one can see it above his head while in the morning it can be spotted in West and North West Direction.
Mars can be spotted until beginning of year 2011 placed at different directions at start of evening every month with decreasing brightness, size as the planet finally gets away from our view. further if you are Interested you can subscribe for year long alerts from us for just Rs.60p.a. by typing SKYNEWS and sending to 56070.

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