Partial Lunar Eclipse on 26th June, 2010(Saturday) - Visible In India

On 26th June 2010 Partial Lunar Eclipse would occur. People in North Eastern states of the country can see (umbral phase) ending of Eclipse when the small part (on upper side) of Moon’s Disk is immersed in earth’s dark shadow and slowly leaving. Importantly rest of the India would experience the eclipse with moon in light tinge of earth’s lighter shadow (during penumbral phase). This Eclipse is the last in the year 2010 for India.

World Wide Area: The eclipse will be visible in the region covering eastern Asia, Australia, and Antarctica, parts of America and the Indian and the Pacific Ocean.

Timings In Indian Standard Time: Various phases of eclipse begin at 2.25pm and Ends at 7.51 p.m whereas umbral phase begins at 3.46 p.m. and ends at 6.30 pm.

Here in this video view of this eclipse as seen from Sun and Moon is presented : 

In other words eclipse begins with moon entering penumbral phase at 2.25pm continuing to pass with moon entering Umbra from 3.46 p.m.  to 6.30 pm and leaving penumbra at 7.51 p.m. Umbral Phase is the time when people would actually notice the darkening of moon’s disk. . 

The maximum covering of moon would take place at 5.08 p.m when nearly   54 percent of moon’s disk is covered by dark shadow (umbra) of earth. Whereas during Penumbral Phase of this eclipse whole disk of moon is immersed in earth’s lighter shadow.

Watch with Naked Eye – Where to See – What can be expected: No Filters are required to watch this spectacle. One can spot the moon in the east direction after Sunset. One would see upper part of moon’s disk is already darkened and slowly clearing off. Whereas people in rest of India may find moon in tinge of lighter shadow of earth.

Next Lunar Eclipse: The next Lunar Eclipse of the Year Total eclipse of the MOON will occur on 21 December 2010 which is not visible in India.      

Here is the Video of Eclipse as seen from Hyderabad - Various Views: 

Why only Penumbral Phase for rest of India is noticeable and Umbral Phase for few states in North East? Moon leaves noticeable umbra at 6.30 p.m.. Compared to major part of the country during this part of the year in the north eastern states, the sunset occurs as early as by around 6.10 p.m. (6.54 p.m in Hyd) and Moon Rises around 6.10 p.m. (6.55 pm. In hyd). Hence ending of the eclipse is visible from the north-eastern parts of India (Aizwal, Dimpur, Kohima, Nowgong etc..) when the moon is rising in the eastern horizon. Whereas rest of the country would see the Moon engulfed in Penumbra (lighter shadow of earth – difficultly noticeable) until 7.51 p.m.

Above is published (not in detail) in the web with title " India to witness partial lunar eclipse June 26" google to find.

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