Return of Mars Hoax Story - Two Moons Story 27th August Kerala

So freinds the Hoax Story of Mars has returned in the nearest theaters (sorry skies above your head) to you. However the difference is the spammers used another hoax story "Two Suns in the Sky" and changed the title to "Two Moons on 27th August ...27th August the world is waiting for ....." .

Interestingly there is no description of so called two moons in the body of hoax story. They just copied various parts of original hoax story of 2003 and pasted it underneath the heading. Whats funny is the timing of this hoax story on two moons i.e. today is 27th July,2010 exactly one month from the day the hoax story title says two moons in the sky visible.

As you already guessed it right this story is hoax there is nothing of such sort is going to happen.

Read click here our 2008 article on this story.

Why we are talking about it Now ?
Today morning Society received queries from people in kerala. Importantly it contained link to MALAYALAM SUPER STAR MAMMOOTTY twitter update at (which is still being retweeted over the web). The update of the actors proposed account on twitter reportedly stated on 27th August two moons will be visible etc....
our members have made attempt to contact the concerned and requested to stop the spread of hoax.

We however appreciate the interest of actor in astronomy and many others who with good intention wanted many people to know about a spectacle in the skies. However they tweeted/retweeted the update in ignorance of the facts succumbing to tactics of spammers.

Good news :
Further 10 minutes before this article was being written at 11 a.m. there was another update on actors twitter saying it is hoax.

however the retweet of the actors original tweet are spreading like fire. as they say "Lie goes around the world, even before truth has chance to wear its pants".

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