Spot Mars, Venus and Saturn using Crescent Moon to Welcome the Begining of Holy Month

Sighting of Crescent moon on Wednesday marked the begining of Holy Month of Ramadan for our Muslim brethren. Importantly it was the day when Sravan Mas begin for Hindus with mark month long special pooja's. Respecting the beliefs/traditions of people of land, is and will be unique mark of our society. Saying so it always tried to promote scientific temperament, while working for eradication of superstition etc..

Further here is exciting news THREE PLANETS  which are tuned to welcome the holy month of devotion. Ant to assist you  moon is positioned at right place at right time during course of its journey around earth.

Conjunction of Moon with Mars, Venus and Saturn :
On 13th August, 2010 Conjunction of Moon with three planets Mars, Venus and Saturn will occur. i.e. One would  see these three planets close to each other and near to moon as seen from earth. Importantly on 13th August - 14th August people in India can spot  Planet Mars, Venus and Saturn using Crescent Moon as a tool.


SKY AS WOULD BE SEEN ON 13th AUGUST, 2010 7.30pm
Directions/Time - On 13th  August 2010:  After sunset at 7pm one should look towards west direction to find Bright thin Crescent Moon. Just towards right side of Moon one can find three Bright Non-twinkling objects which are Mars, Venus and Saturn.

SKY AS WOULD BE SEEN ON 14 th AUGUST, 2010 7.30pm

Directions/Time - On 14th August, 2010 :  After Sunset one should look towards West Direction to find Moon and far below  towards right side of Moon one can find Mars, Venus and Saturn.

Note : These planets would be visible  maximum of  One and Half hour after Sunset and set in the west.

No need of Telescopes:
people can directly observe Mars, Venus and Saturn  using Moon with their own eyes. Telescopes are required only appreciating finest features of the planet.

Further do not miss the Perseids Meteor Shower read the post on Perseids for full details.

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