Spot Closest, Brightest, Biggest Planet Jupiter Using Moon - Also Venus and Mercury

On 23rd September 2010 Conjunction of Planet Jupiter with Moon would occur. Conjunction in astronomy means appearance of two celestial bodies near to one another as seen from Earth. Hence after Sunset Looking East Direction people can spot Jupiter using Moon as tool. Which travels across the sky all through the night and will set in the west. Hence people can see Jupiter early morning on 24th September looking west. .  
Importantly “Venus Great Illumination Extent” would also occur involving Planet Venus on 23rd Sept. Because of which it is very bright. People can spot Planet Venus towards West for 1 ½ hour after Sunset and until Second Week of October. Also looking East  before Sun rise on 24th Sept Planet Mercury can be spotted. Mercury is far away from Sun due to occurrence of  Greatest Western Elongation on 19th Sept. 


JUPITER USING MOON ON 23RD SEPTEMBER 2010 :  Due to Jupiter Opposition since yesterday it can be seen all through the night.

Evening :  After Sunset it can be spotted on the Right Side of Jupiter. Midnight: As the night passes towards Midnight 12.30 a.m  Jupiter can be found below Moon high above facing south direction near to zenith. Morning: Whereas by Morning  24th Sept Jupiter can be spotted below moon towards Left side.

Note: For Details of how to spot Jupiter till March, 2011 – How Close it is Now etc.. See Page 2.

SPOT VENUS IN THE EVENING UPTO 1 ½ HOUR  - after sunset in west –  opportunity until second week of October 2010:  After Sun Set one has to look towards West Direction to spot bright star like object which doesn’t twinkle compared to stars as it is a  Planet i.e. Venus. It can be spotted up to  1 ½ Hour after Sunset. On 23rd Sept it will very bright because of the event called “Venus Great Illumination Extent”.

Since beginning of Year 2010 it is shining in Evening skies (West Direction). It will do so until Second week of October after that becoming close to sun it will disappear from evening skies and begin visible in the morning skies only (East Direction) from  1st Week of November comfortably before Sunrise. 

How is that Jupiter and Moon will look Close to Each Other ? Since Past two Day we are seeing it near Moon ? What is the Reason ? 

The Answer in one word  is "MOON" and it movement across the earth skies. Moon is the only natural satellite of Earth. Moon as observed from earth appears at a new location in the night sky every subsequent night i.e. moon can be found at new place often near to a star/planet. This happens because of moon’s revolves around earth.

Have Jupiter and Moon come closer to each Other ? I heard Jupiter came close to earth on 21st September ? Is it True.
Actually on 23rd September Jupiter will be in conjunction with Moon. Before you go any further one must understand what is Conjunction.
Conjunction is a term used in positional astronomy It means that, as seen from some place (usually the Earth), two celestial bodies appear near one another in the sky. Though they appear to be near each other actually both these objects are separated by enormous distance. 

Yes Jupiter is close to earth as of now for details of how close the distance, how to see it until March 2011 click here. 

N.Sri Raghunandan Kumar 

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