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Special Note for Readers of Sakshi : if you typed to visit Planetary Society, India (kindly click here or visit to know more. This is in reference to N.Sri Raghunandan Kumar  ఎన్. శ్రీ రఘునందన్ కుమార్, ఖగోళ పరిశోధకులు, ప్లానె టరీ సొసైటీ ఆఫ్ ఇండియా వ్యవస్థాపక కార్యదర్శి Article in Sakshi Newspaper titled "చుక్కల్లో చిల్డ్రన్" published on 12th January 2011 .  To read online click here. You can also find Astronomy Club india hyderabad andhra pradesh  information. Importantly find info  of Planetarium, Hyderabad under guidance of Dr.B.G.Siddarth, Birla Science Center (famously known as Birla Planetarium Hyderabad) who has been making efforts to serve people  of Andhra pradesh and inspiring many students like Mr.Raghunandan since over three decades.    

Today our article click here was published in Hindu Young World. We are very thankful to Hindu as since its inception number articles, releases were published in the Hindu with strengthened our efforts to communicate astronomy to public. However there are certain issues in the present article which is published after two months of Jupiter Opposition event which occurred in 2010.

“Stand outside in the evening, immediately after sunset, in the west you can see Venus and in the east you can see Jupiter, ” says Raghunandan Kumar, the General Secretary of the Planetry Society of India. Seeing the planets with the naked eye is not difficult.

Our Explanation : Jupiter was at opposition on  21st September , 2010. Statement in para above could be  true until 1st week of October for an observer. (Click here  to read about What is Opposition/Jupiter Opposition).
Venus : So as of now you cannot see venus in the evening skies, since 2nd week of November Venus is Visible in the morning skies.
Jupiter : Jupiter is rising atleast hour early in the evening skies. (Whereas it was rising when sun was setting in October). Which means by the time its evening Jupiter can be spotted sufficiently above horizon towards East direction. 

No twinkling
“The stars that do not twinkle are planets,” continues Mr Raghunandan, “planets do not have light of their own and since they reflect sunlight, they cannot twinkle.”
Explanation : I have referred to Jupiter as “star like” not exactly the word “star”. Because general public due to ignorance would mistake it to be a “star”. Whereas it’s not true.
In 1963, Jupiter, which takes 11 years and eight months to revolve around the sun, came very close to earth. This year again Jupiter has come very close to Earth. The next time this phenomenon will occur is in 2022. 

Explanation : every year Jupiter Opposition occurs and it very close to earth during a week before or after compared to any part of the year. In  the recent past in year 1963 Jupiter was at its closest 47 years ago. Whereas again this year its at it closest which will be matched only in 2022. 

“Since the planets do not have a perfectly circular orbit, around the Sun, at some point they come closer to one another. The maximum distance between Jupiter and the Earth is approximately 967 million km, however, presently, the distance between these two planets is approximately 594 million km”, says Mr Raghunandan. “Due to the proximity of Jupiter, one can easily see this planet clearly. Jupiter will be seen till March 2011, though the size and brightness will slowly decrease”.

Explanation : even the data mentioned in this part of the article is correct as on 21st September , 2010.

Mr. Raghunandan Kumar is the Founder Secretary of the Planetary Society, which he started along with his friends in 1998. He has been interested in Astronomy since his childhood and hopes to help more people develop an interest in this branch of science.

Explanation: Mr. Raghunandan Kumar is the Founder Secretary of the Planetary Society, India where as “The Planetary Society” was founded in 1980 by Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray, and Louis Friedman.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Also known as a ‘failed star' it has 63 natural satellites of its own. “To a large extent we owe our survival on Earth to this big, gaseous planet,” says Mr. Raghunandan.

Explanation : Planet Jupiter with similar composition as our own sun ball of hydrogen gas. However its not huge enough to begin the fusion process and other required factors to shine like our sun.
Location of Planet Jupiter is very unique if one can note what happened in 1994 impact of Comet Shoemaker Levy with Jupiter one can say “Jupiter is big brother of solar system” because it protects us from the dangers of space. 

“As planets revolve around the sun, very often they are in a position called opposition where the Sun and that particular planet are directly opposite one another and the Earth is in between them. Every 13 months, Jupiter oppositions take place. Which means that the Sun-Earth- Jupiter are in a straight line. This happened in September and again in October this year.

Explanation : Jupiter Opposition occurs every 13 months which happened this year on 21 September, 2010. whereas what we informed public in our press release is that “major part of  October 2010 Jupiter would shine with similar brightness as it is during opposition (in september)”. Thereafter brightness would decrease gradually as earth moves away from Jupiter in it course of its orbit around sun. 

The Planetary Society plans to introduce the Jupiter Observation Campaign India 2010-11 till March 2011. This is being introduced in schools. The society will help train teachers and interested individuals who can assist students and the general public in the locality, to observe Jupiter during this period. There are special CD's and posters which are available with the society. The Planetary Society plans to set up Young Vyomanaut Clubs (YVCs) in schools. They intend training teachers, who will in the future help the children run the clubs.

Explanation: Schools are invited to call us for Young Vyomanaut Clubs even now whereas right now we are focused on two NASA related projects primarily involving schools. 

For more information on the clubs as well as the society contact Mr. Raghunandan Kumar at or contact him on 9295352988.Website

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