Asteroid 2011 MD - to Miss Earth -by 12000 Km on 27 June

Its 12.40 a.m. (24th June, 2011) just received a alert from one of the friends about a Space Rock (ASTEROID 2011 MD) .

When was this Asteroid Discovered ?
A newly discovered (on 22nd June 2011) asteroid (space rock) called "ASTEROID 2011
MD" will pass by earth at a distance of 12000 km (it was 17,700 km at time of discovery as first reported).

What is the size of this asteroid ?
Size of asteroid is 6.3 to 14 meters. It will pass by earth on 27th June, 2011 at 10.31 p.m.

Is there any danger to earth ?
There is no danger to earth.

At what speed this asteroid is moving ?
Approximately 6.69 km/sec.

What will happen if this asteroid enters earth's atmosphere ?
Asteroid this size would burn up if it tries to enter in earth atmosphere.

What is Interesting ?
What is more interesting is this was discovered just two days ago though this asteroid existed for long time now.

Are there any similar events reported this year ?
Search in our blog with term "Asteroid" to read about all similar events in the past ...particularly this year itself.

Here is the simulation of the asteroid
Click here to see in youtube - Also available in HD.

Updated Video on 27th June, 2011
Click here to see the video on youtube site.

View of Asteroid pass by from Space and from Asteroid point of view :

View of Asteroid pass by from Space and from Asteroid point of view - as it passes from geosynchronous Satellite zone :

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