Return of SkyLab - UARS (Upper Atmoshpere Research Satellite) RE-ENTRY ON 23/24 September, 2011

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As you are aware NASA UARS satellite is re-entry earth on 23/24 of now nobody knows where it will exactly fall or the exact time when it will fall. UARS Predicted Reentry Time is  on  23 SEP 2011 22:07 UTC ± 9 hours . Which in standard time is 03:37:43 a.m. on 24th September, 2011. However the update says it could be 9 hours early or late which makes the time to be:
If UARS Enters before 9 Hours time would be  18:37:43 pm on 23rd September, 2011
If UARS Enters earth 9 hours late than predicted time it would be 10:37:43 a.m. on 24th September, 2011
Note: This information was issued by NASA 11 hours ago (at 22 SEP 11:06UT). The prediction time can change..More details  visit NASA SITE  or visit  for latest updates
 Here is expected path (map of ) of UARS .

Here is the video of UARS as taken by an Amateur Astronomer, , www.skylab 2012 .com

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