Four Planets in the Sky & Spot Jupiter with Moon on 27 Feb 2012

On February 27th 2012 people can see Planet Jupiter paired with Moon in the western sky after Sunset i.e. both moon and Jupiter appear to be near to each other as seen from earth. This celestial event is astronomically known as Conjunction of Moon with Jupiter.  Providing people an easy opportunity to locate planets using Moon as tool.

Where to see /time:  after Sunset till 10pm if one looks towards West Direction one can see Planet Jupiter and Moon side by side i.e. on left side of moon one can see Planet Jupiter.

2. Spot Venus (From Sunset to 9pm) – Below Moon/Jupiter: after Sunset till 9pm if one looks towards West Direction just below Moon and Jupiter one can spot Planet Venus.

3. Celestial Pairing of Venus & Jupiter on 14 March 2012: These days in western part of sky after Sunset Planets Venus & Jupiter are visible wherein both of them appear away from each other in the skies. Starting tomorrow if one observes (every day evening till 14 March) one would notice that these two planets (Venus & Jupiter) are inching close to each other as days pass in our skies. Finally on 14th March both Venus and Jupiter would be paired appearing side by side in the sky. It is known as Conjunction of Venus with Jupiter.

4. Spot Mars (from 7.30 pm to Sunrise) : one hour after Sunset if one looks towards East Direction one can see Non-twinkling star like object near it. This non twinkling reddish object is nothing but planet Mars. Morning walkers should look towards West Direction to spot Mars.

5. Spot Saturn ( From 10.15 p.m to Sunrise ) : if one can looks toward East direction from 10.15 pm. One can spot a Non twinkling star like object which planet Saturn. Morning walkers can look towards South West Direction to spot Saturn. 
Further Venus (till End of May ) and Jupiter (till Beginning of May)  can be spotted in the evening sky till Begining/End of May 2012. However due to ignorance, inability to identify these objects general public is missing the opportunity to appreciate