Observation on 6th June 2012 - Transit of Venus

Following are Various Methods in which you can use to observe Transit of Venus 

Option 1 : 
Andhra Pradesh State Council of Science and Technology (APCOST)  in associaton with Planetary Society India is organizing observation in 23 Districts with the help of its coordinators. Venue Details will be announced on this site and through newspaper information.

Option 2 :
TV9 is identifying 10 Venues across the State for observation of Venus Transit. Details will be published or emailed to you 3 days before the event. Compact Disk with Free Imported Certified Solar Filter would be provided to participants. Participation is on first cum first serve basis based on number of C.D.’ + Filters available.

Various schools/colleges/institutions/apartment associations/Group of Persons are purchasing Compact Disk with Solar filters and partnering with Planetary Society India. They are recognized as “Observation Center” to organize observation locally inviting people freely. List of such institutions “Observation Center” associated with us will be published on this site 3 days before event.

 Use indirect Method of Observation (a Special Video Poster) would be filed here. Using this you can witness from your home.

Purchase Special Compact Disk "Transit Of Venus"  and get Imported Solar Filter Free. Details mail us planetary.societyindia@gmail.com

About Compact Disk & Solar Filter :  Compact Disk  contains two Documentries produced by Govt and TV9.  Solar Filter is Imported & Certified from Germany and its Multiuse ( comes free on purchase of C.D.)
 Importantly by purchasing you can participate in Sunspot 2012-13 Activity to see Sun Spots using the Solar Filter in year 2012-13. We will update you by phone when event occurs.