Mars & Saturn to be Paired Togther on 15 August 2012

On 15th August 2012  at 4.06p.m IST the celestial of Conjunction of Mars with Saturn would occur i.e. both Mars and Saturn would appear paired in Western Skies after Sunset. Mars is known as అంగారకుడు/मंगल whereas Saturn is known as శని /शनीग्रह.
Pairing of Moon (as it moves around/observed from earth) with Planets is common monthly feature whereas Conjunction or appearance of Two Planets is a rare event.

Direction – Time to watch: After Sunset one has to look towards Direction between South-West & West Direction where one will see two bright non-twinkling objects. Wherein one of them is less bright (Planet Mars) appearing like Red Dot and other is bright (Planet Saturn). Depending on location/horizon an observer can easily see them till 9.00p.m.

Celestial Coming together tracked – Since over two months: The event on 15 August is not sudden. People since over two months (every day evening till 15 August) noticed two objects in western skies (Mars & Saturn) are inching close to each other. So on 15th August would be climax where both Mars and Saturn would be paired appearing side by side in the sky. This occurrence is known as Conjunction of Mars with Saturn.

What after Celestial Meeting?  – Move apart: Importantly as days pass by people can observe after this celestial meeting Saturn and Mars moving apart from each other.

Non-Science of ill Effects: various astrologers, almanacs have named this celestial event as bad omen resulting into ill-effects on lives of people Weather, Government, Natural Calamities, Terrorist acts etc..  Which is completely wrong and unscientific. 

Importance of Conjunction – Distances – View: Planets are located at greater distance from earth and they themselves are separated by enormous distance. However due to conjunction as would happen on 15th August Mars-Saturn would appear near to each other.

Approx Distances: As on 15th August Distance between Mars from Earth is approx. 256 Million km and Distance from Saturn to Earth is approx. 1.52 Billion km. Whereas Distance between Mars from Saturn is approx.  1.26 Billion km. However as seen from earth due to conjunction both Mars-Saturn will appear near to each other.