PSLV-C21: ISRO's 100th mission

The 100th mission of ISRO, designated PSLV-C21 will lift off today at 9:51 AM. 

Friends/Students: Watch today 

You can My Live Discussion on various Telugu channels.....

  • TV5 (9 A.M. TO 9.20 A.M.)
  • NTV (9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.)
  • HMTV (11 A.M. TO 12 Noon)
  • MAHA TV (12 TO 12.30 Noon). 

I request all of you to express your BEST WISHES for success of PSLV C-21 Mission today.

In just under 19 Minutes from 9.51 a.m. (in 4 Stages) launch vehicle will take Spot 6 (720 Kg) + Prioiteres (15 Kg) Satellites to 655 Km (pole to pole orbit) above Earth.