Geminid Meteor Shower 4th Dec - 17 Dec 2012 - Tonight Peak

Away from city lights from 4th December, 2012 to 17th December, 2012 people can witness annual celestial spectacle of Geminid Meteor Showers (ulka patham in Telugu/उल्का स्नान) from pollution free dark clear skies.

As per the International Meteor Organization (IMO) this meteor showers peak is expected at 5:00 a.m IST on 14th December 2012 with maximum of up to 120 Meteors per hour to be visible from clear dark skies.

Where to Look/What to expect– No Telescopes Required - Twin Stars of Gemini Const:  This   meteor shower will reach its peak at 5.00 a.m on 14th Dec 2012 which is also the best time to see this event. Depending on observers location and skies above, many tens of meteors per hour will be visible with highest rates reaching up to a max of 120 ZHR (Meteors Per Hour).

Though peak is on 14th Dec 2012. People can continue seeing this celestial spectacle until 17th of Dec 2012. All one has to do is to look east after 9 p.m. or above head at Midnight or West before Sunrise.

Evening:  People can observe the meteors by looking towards sky above between North East and East Direction from 9.00 p.m onwards, while they are visible near to mid of sky by the time it is midnight whereas Morning walkers can see meteors in the western sky in the morning.

Pattern of Stars – Gemini the Twins - No Telescopes: One can see bright streaks of light zipping across the sky with naked eye and it would seem as if they are emanating near from star called Castor in Gemini constellation (pattern of Stars appearing/known since ages as Twins) where the radiant of this meteor shower lies. No telescopes/binoculars are required to observe this event.

Generally presence of moon is a hindrance which outshines the streaks of light. Whereas this year there is no moon to disturb during Peak giving people a wonderful opportunity to enjoy celestial spectacle.