Eyes On Ison - Comet ISON - 28th Nov 2013 - Close Encounter with Sun

Watch below here NASA live Google+ hangout webcasting the solar passage of Comet ISON as it whips around the sun. This webcast is being coordinated from Solar Dyanamic Observtory (SDO) control Center. The webcast begin at 1800 GMT to 2030 GMT.

Update at 1.30 a.m. - May not have survived : after going through updates from various observatories/experts i sent a SMS to the Representative of Jana Vignana Vedika as they are already busy organising series workshops across the state. my sms read "there is no trace of ISON.. reports say its gone/broken it diddnt survive" update at 9.30 a.m. - a part of it survived : this is comment of Karl Battam "Alright we're calling it, and you heard it here first: We believe some small part of #ISON's nucleus has SURVIVED perihelion"

In the movie, Comet ISON seems to be falling apart as it approaches the sun. Indeed, researchers working with NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory said they saw nothing along the track that ISON was expected to follow through the sun's atmosphere. Nevertheless, something has emerged. Whether this is a small scorched fragment of Comet ISON's nucleus or perhaps a "headless comet"--a stream of debris marking the remains of the comet's disintegrated core--remains to be seen.

What surprised me is silence/inactivity with regard to latest updates (from prominent campaigners/organisations who had great campaign running)..Interestingly not even a post about ISON on there sites or FB or twitter...hours before or after the perihelion encounter..Anyways we will post some more as the day progress ...so keep following ...  

Here is the latest visual 30 Nov its 12.30 a.m. 

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