Celestial Meeting - Beautiful Morning Conjunctions of Jupiter, Venus and Moon

On 18th August, 2014 one of the splendid celestial phenomena “Venus in Conjunction with Jupiter” will occur, giving people an easy opportunity to locate these two planets with naked eye.  In other words both Jupiter and Venus will appear to be near each other as seen from Earth.

Importance – Coming together: 1. it is known fact that Planet Venus goes around Sun with its orbit located inside the orbit of Earth. Whereas Jupiter orbits Sun with its path located around far away from Earth. In other words, Orbits of Venus and Jupiter (placed after Mars orbit from Earth) are located on either Side of Earth.

2. Interestingly due to phenomena of Conjunction though they are seperated by enormous distance & location of orbits. For observer on earth they appear near each other in Earth’s Sky. i.e. positions of these planets while on their journey around Sun is such that they appear near each other. 

Jupiter – Venus - Moving Apart : What is more interesting is that this coming together of these two planets has been observed by people across the world since a week. However after 18th August 2014 people can observe these planets start moving away from each other in the sky over next few days.

Direction & Timings – How to find which is Jupiter or Venus ?    half and  hour before Sunrise around 5.30 am onwards one should look towards East Direction then he/she first would see two non-twinkling star like  objects: Planet Venus (very bright). And bit away from it would appear another bright object which is Jupiter.    


Jupiter and Venus Conjunctions with Moon – in Morning 5.30am: While Venus and Jupiter are moving apart everyday people should have a watch on Moon which orbits our Earth. Because using Moon and phenomena of conjunction people can find planet Jupiter and Venus even more easily.

On 23rd August Celestial event of “Moon in Conjunction with Jupiter” will occur  i.e. Jupiter and moon will appear near each other. Looking East one can find Jupiter below Crescent Moon. Similarly on 24th August “Moon in Conjunction with Venus” i.e. Venus can be found besides Moon

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