Mild Tremors - Reports of Earthquake 23 Jan 2015 around 10.30pm - Hyderabad

This article is written by N.Sri Raghunandan Kumar at 1.40 a.m.  in order to help the general public who have experienced tremors and are scared by the news reports on TV & Rumors spreading like fire.

Eyewitness Experiences :

1.My (author of this article)  Experience: Sitting before system i felt slight vibration of earth below my feet around 10.30 pm. 

2.  "My self and my family Experienced mild tremors at around 10:30 pm. Vibration pass through Dhoolpet area and went towards south west direction. It was With mild intensity but big sound like rolling boulder."Mr. Parmesh (Advanced Mountain Rescue Certificate Holder) & Trainer of Two Students from Telangana who climbed Mt.Everest in year 2014.

Author's Call to Geophysics Professor:
Further i called Emeritus Professor G.Ramdass, Retd.HOD Dept. of Geophysics at 1 a.m. He told various interesting facts importantly he asked me to refer to his study carried in year 2004 "Seismic Activity In & Around Hyderabad" which was published in MAUSAM then.

However Professor Ramdass concluded that people should not panic as this one of few natural events. And said today's Tremors could be result of subsurface activity due  to Earthquake which shook at 4.5 on the Richter Scale in Andaman Islands on Friday morning.

KINDLY CLICK HERE  to read the study done Prof. Ramdass in 2004 "Seismic Activity In & Around Hyderabad"

Here is another Latest Report Click Here to Download  in addition to above sent by Prof.Ramdass today morning 10a.m.

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