Perseids Meteor Shower - India and Around 2015 Aug

Away from city lights on 12th/13th August, 2015 people can witness annual spectacle of Perseids Meteor Shower from pollution free dark and clear skies before dawn. This shower occurs annually starting 17th July to 24th August due to debris/particles of Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle entering earth’s atmosphere.

According Working list of visual meteor showers of International Meteorological Organization (IMO) on the night of 12th\13th August, 2015 people can witness Perseids Meteor Shower with peak activity of  as much as 100 meteors per hour. However visibility number of meteors will be determined by place and sky conditions of an observer across world.

Where to Look – North East Direction- No Telescopes Required - What to expect:  People can witness this celestial spectacle till 24th August, 2015

People can witness this celestial spectacle till 24th August, 2015. However observing it during peak is best when earth pass through center of the trails of Dust Cloud of Comet Swift-Tuttle. Whereas as days pass Earth move away from trail of dust with decreased number of meteors visible per hour. 

With no Moon or Moon light to hinder, conditions on 12/13 August night are perfect to observe the shower. All one has to do is to look towards North East Direction to observe Constellation (pattern of stars) called Perseus from Midnight to dawn. The best time to start observing is from 2 a.m when this constellation is sufficiently above horizon.. 

Telescopes/binoculars are not required. One can see bright streaks of light zipping across the sky and it would seem as if they are emanating from Perseus Constellation which contains a point in the sky called "the Perseids radiant”.

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