International Observe the Moon Night 19 Sept 2015 - Spot Saturn with Moon

Planetary Society India in association with Space Science Academy requests people to Observe Moon on 19 Sept, 2015 in true spirit of International Observe the Moon Night (IOMN) an annual event declared by NASA and celebrated in 40 countries across the world. We also request schools/colleges to utilize the resources (Sky maps, Posters, Videos, PPT etc..) compiled by PSI&SSA at for creating awareness among students. And importantly involve them to utilize unique opportunity to Spot Planet Saturn with the help of Moon.

On 19th Sept 2015 The celestial phenomena of “Conjunction of Moon with Planet Saturn” will occur. i.e. Tomorrow one can see Planet Saturn paired with Moon after Sunset in West Direction till 9.30pm. Technically speaking though conjunction will occur at 9.10 a.m. IST on 19th Sept, 2015. People have to wait till Sunset for observing the event pairing Moon & Saturn together. 

Points to Remember – Need of Telescope? Which one is Star or Planet? : 1. Generally it’s thought that to spot planets one needs telescopes. However our ancestors use to observe and track planets with their own eyes. Hence to spot planet one doesn’t need telescopes. Whereas to appreciate finest features of Planets one requires Telescopes.
2. To locate planets it should be remembered as seen from earth all Stars (producing their own light) twinkle whereas planets which reflect light of Sun do not twinkle but shine steadily.

Direction/Time: After Sunset till 9.30pm. If one looks towards South West and West Direction can spot Moon. And just below Moon one would find a non-twinkling star like object which is nothing but Planet Saturn.

Importance of the event: On an average Moon is 3, 84,000 km away from Earth. Whereas as on 19 Sept, 2015 Planets Saturn is 10.36 A.U. or 1554321876 Kilometers approx. 1.55 billion kilometers away from earth.

Hence, though Moon and Saturn are far from Earth. And both these objects themselves are separated by enormous distance. They Appear close to each other on 19 Sept to us. Hence conjunction pairing of moon with planets is significant event to locate planets with help of moon.

Interestingly after 19 Sept people can note the growing apparent distance between Moon & Saturn as days pass by 

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