Jupiter Opposition on 8 March 2016 - Spot Jupiter Closest Visible Brightest, Biggest for Many Weeks to Come

Today Jupiter will be Closest it can get to Earth in Year 2016...Hence will be appear Brighter and Bigger from Telescope... all in all Jupiter is Closest, Brightest and Biggest Today ...due to Phenomena called Jupiter Opposition to Sun 

Celestial Phenomena of “Jupiter Opposition to Sun” will occur on  8th March 2016. Because of which Jupiter will be closest it can get to earth in year 2016. Importantly it will appear brighter and bigger for many weeks to come. Further on 8th March 2016 or many days follow one can spot Jupiter while looking opposite direction to Sunrise or Sunset.  It would be above head at Midnight. 
Explanation :  Opposition – Jupiter Opposition: A planet (during course of its journey around sun) is said to be at opposition when it is directly opposite the Sun from our viewpoint on Earth. The result is that the planet is fully illuminated by the Sun and appears disk-like. Importantly during opposition the planet in question would be at its closest approach and thus would appear more big and brighter than usual. At this point Sun-Earth- Planet would be in a straight line opposite to each other. Though planet is at opposition for only one day, nevertheless for visual purposes it is almost as good for viewing for a couple of weeks to a Month before and after opposition. Jupiter oppositions occur every 13 months. The last opposition of Jupiter occurred on 6th February, 2015 and the next will be on 8th April 2017.  

On 8th March, 2016 – Jupiter Closest: minimum distance of Jupiter from earth is 588 Million kilometers approx. Whereas the Maximum distance is 967 Million km approx. On the 8th March 2016 Jupiter will reach closest point at 4.435 AU A.U. or  663 million km which is very close to its min. distance from earth.

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