Partial Lunar Eclipse 7th/8th August 2017 - India & Around

First and Last Eclipse visible in 2017 from entire India will occur on 7th August 2017. This eclipse is a Partial Lunar Eclipse. Across the world this eclipse will be visible in the region covering Western Pacific Ocean, Oceania, Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe and Antarctica.This Eclipse is visible from India.

The next Lunar Eclipse will occur on 31st Jan 2018 which is  Total Lunar Eclipse and visible from Entire India. Last lunar Eclipse visible from Entire India occurred on 4th April 2015. Whereas Lunar Eclipse on September 2015 was visible from few places in Gujarat & Rajasthan only. All in the last Lunar Eclipse visible from India occurred in 2015.

Further there is a Total Solar Eclipse on 21 August 2017. However this Eclipse is not visible from India. Whereas People in India have to wait till year 2019 to Observe Solar Eclipse. The Last Solar Eclipse visible from India was in 2016 March.

Timings of Eclipse in Indian standard Time & Date: Eclipse in various phases begins at 9.18p.m. on 7th August 2017  and Ends at 2.23 a.m. on 8th August 2017. The noticeable Umbral phase begins at 10.52p.m. and Ends at  00.49 a.m.

In other words: Though astronomically speaking Eclipse begins at 9.18 p.m. with moon entering lighter Shadow of Earth. People can noticeably witness darkening (or leaving) of Moon’s disk by Earth Shadow between 10.52 p.m to 00.49 a.m on 7th/8th August 2017.  

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