49th Birth Anniversary of ISRO - Manned Mission 2022 - Thanks P.M.

49 Birthday ISRO - India'S Manned Mission by 2022 - Thanks P.M. Modiji:Dear Friends/Students wish all Happy Independce Day.
However we feel sad that most of you didn't remember ISRO in your wishes and things didn't change much in last 9years reg. Access to Space Science outreach/Awareness is Prog.Because today 15 Aug is 49th Birth Anniversary of ISRO.

http://www.ournewplanets.info/2009/08/indian-space-research-organisations.html?m=1 if you have time read my article written 9years ago on occasion of 40th Anniversary.

So happy 9yrs ago or today PSI doing its duty. Hence need for a organisation which spread importance of "Space Science " we started "Planetary Society, India"  in 2003 .

Yes India needs large number of Planetariums, Science Communicators, Support to Organisations imparting space science awareness and education form relevant agencies.

We thank honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi for announcement of "Manned Mission" by 2022. Actually we expected this immediately after 104 Satellite Mission.

So it's time now greater outreach program should be developed ..But in the recent we have seen the Govt agencies relying on theirs officers are planning such programs.Which are not fulfilling the task but just achieving some preset goals of serving some numbers. Hence without involving space based or amateur astronomy groups ..any outreach will not serve much purpose. Like 40th or 49th Anniversary of ISRO will be limited to a Post on web.

Through this article we Hope already 50th Anniversary of ISRO is celebrated properly. Even for Chandrayaan 2
on  awareness aspwct lot is needed to be done . We definitely don't need to see what happens during such events or missions  in USA . How  KG to PG resources are build and spread involving large number of Organisations by NASA.And sometimes they provided opportunity to organisation outside USA to serve/reach out local communities in other countries.

While remembering great scientists like Dr.Vikram Sarabhai, Homi J. Babha, Arvamudam, APJ Kalam, U.R.Rao, Satish Dawan, Kasturi Rangan and many others who are continuing the legacy in service of nation .We wish all Scientist's a Happy 49th Birthday Anniversary of ISRO.

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