PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE ON 11 AUG 2018 Not Visible In India

Last among Five Eclipses of YEAR 2018 will occur Tomorrow 11 August2018. It's Partial Solar Eclipse and not visible from India .
Gist of Eclipses in Year 2018: Total Lunar Eclipse (31st Jan 2018) , Partial Solar Eclipse (16 February 2018), Partial Solar Eclipse (13 July 2018), Total Lunar Eclipse (on 27/28th July 2018) , Partial Solar Eclipse (on 11Aug).
However among Five only two eclipses (Lunar) were visible from India this year. Whereas 11Aug Partial Solar Eclipse similar to other Solar Eclipses of 2018 will not  be visible in India .
What are timings of this Eclipse as per Indian Standard Time (IST)? If it’s not visible in India which places across world is this visible?
The Partial Solar eclipse on 11 Aug 2018 starts at 1.32pm IST Noon to 5.00pm IST as Per Indian Standard Timing (IST) but it’s  visible only in the region covering northernmost Canada, Greenland, Iceland, northernmost tip of British Isles, most of Scandanavia, Svalbard, most of Russia, most of Kazakhstan, most of Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, most of China.

Is 11 Aug 2018 visible in Total anywhere on Earth? This Eclipse is Partial Solar Eclipse and Hence only Eclipse in Partial Phases is visible in the places mentioned above.

When was Last Solar Eclipse and when is Next Solar Eclipse visible in India will Occur ? The last Solar Eclipse visible in India occurred on 9 March 2016 Which was Partial Solar Eclipse.
The Next Solar Eclipse visible in India will occur on 26 Dec 2019 which again will be visible partially across India .
Explain in common man language How and Why 11Aug Eclipse is not visible In India ?
Solar Eclipse occurs when Moon comes between Earth And Sun such a way that ..shadow of Moon falls on Earth..
But Moon Shadow during solar eclipse will not fall at all places at a time on Moon,Earth are Moving across would the shadow of Moon..travels across face of earth from point a to point b.
Hence India is not in the path of Moon shadow on 11 Aug 2018 so Eclipse is not visible here.

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