Chandrayaan 2 - 14 Aug 2019 3am-4am - TLI

Between 3am-4am today 14Aug Enroute it's journey to moon Chandrayaan2 will give final goodbye leaving earth today.

Today ISRO as part of Chandrayaan2 will undertake Trans Lunar Insertion (TLI) using LAM firing and expects to achieve targeted 266km x 413623 km in coming Approx 7 Days.

This TLI is been initiated after completing 5  orbit raising EBNs of Chandrayaan2 while covering the distance between Earth and Moon while providing required velocity.
This is crucial and final step after 23 Days since Launch on 22July close to Home for Chandrayaan2. This phase will last for approx 7 Days. Leading to most crucial part of all Lunar Missions which will occur on 20/21Aug

Anyways from Planetary Society of India we wish all the best to ISRO Scientists and farewell to Chandrayaan2 (Orbiter, Vikram Lander and Pragyan the Rover).

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