1Nov 2019 - Opportunity to Spot Jupiter and Saturn

Dear Freinds/Wellwishers today (hoping skies are clear) you have an easy opportunity to spot Planet Jupiter and Saturn ..like above.. Jupiter Below Moon and Saturn above Moon. After Sunset (for 30mins to 2hrs depending on your location across India or around World)look West Direction.

So perfect opportunity to spot take selfies/pics with Jupiter, Saturn&Moon. Please do not forget to share with me (pic, with time, location) .. Also, observe Sky tomorrow Evening ...and every day after... You will see the positions of Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in our sky are changing.
 And Yes remember you don't require Telescopes to SPOT, but they are needed when you want to finest features of Planets.
With Monsoon done&continued Surprise Showers...we could hardly see anything in the sky for the past few months... So enjoy the Night Sky which is also an Ancient Heritage of Earthlings. 

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