Planet Jupiter and Venus - Celestial Meeting on 24 Nov 2019

Watch today or tmrw or till 24Nov Planet Venus and Jupiter West in direction after Sunset for  approx 30mins. Wherein Venus sets after that but Jupiter can be obsevered for another 30mins more. 

 Above are the pics taken at 6pm .. you can see two star like objects. The one close to Horizon is Venus and the One above it is Jupiter... even Saturn is also there but too faint phone camera couldn't catch. Anyways You can still try Tomorrow evening . 

24 November 2019 Rare Celestial Encounter? 
So if you watch these two objects every day evening till 24Nov looking West after Sunset.. 

You can notice they are getting closer ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ compared to prev day in our sky ...Finally on 24Nov they will be closest they can get in our sky for a event called "Venus in Conjunction with Jupiter".

What happens after 24Nov? If you continue watching every evening after 24 Nov you will notice Jupiter and Venus are moving away from each other..

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