First Eclipse of Year and Decade - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 10/11 Jan 2020

The First Eclipse of the year a Lunar eclipse termed scientifically as “Penumblar Lunar Eclipse” will occur on 10th January 2020 from 10.36 p.m. to 2.44 a .m. on 11 Jan 2020 but unnoticeable to bare eyes. Even watching with binoculars, telescopes will not make much difference. Why is it unnoticeable and other details watch this interview.
This is first of Six Eclipses which will occur this year i.e. Two Solar Eclipses (on 21 June, on 14 Dec) and Four Lunar Eclipses (on 10Jan, 5June, 5July, 30Nov) will occur.
However, the Solar Eclipse on 21 June is the only one visible in India that too in its partial phases while the rest of five Eclipses of 2020 are unnoticeable or not visible. 10th Jan –Eclipse for Rituals: Though PSI can’t comment or suggest about Eclipse Rituals we have observed historically or generally, only the Umbra phase is considered as actual eclipse by the general public to follow various rituals and traditions since ages. Whereas unnoticeable Penumbra passage of moon from earth’s lighter shadow without any darkening of Moon was never considered.

Lunar Eclipse Occurs on 10 Jan – Why Not Noticeable? : Scientifically speaking the phenomena of “Lunar Eclipse” will occur on 10th Jan 2020. However, it’s not noticeable to the naked eye because the moon passes through lighter outer shadow (penumbra) of Earth and no notable darkening can be witnessed.

Whereas if Moon was to pass through darker shadow (umbra) people would have witnessed darkening of Moon with bare eyes. (Please see explanation/notes below about eclipse, umbra, and penumbra).

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