Planet Mars Closest to Earth on 6 Oct 2020

 On 6th Oct 2020, Planet Mars will be the closest it can get to Earth in other words Planet Mars in its journey around Sun will reach a point in its orbit which is the closest it can get at 7.47 p.m. on 6th  Oct 2020 at 0.415 AU i.e 6,20,83,116 km (62.02 Million Km).

Why Mars is Closest every 26 months? This closest approach of Mars is due to a celestial phenomenon called “Mars Opposition to the Sun” which occurs once every 26 months. On 14 Oct 2020 at 4.56 a.m. IST Mars will be at Opposition to Sun because of which Planet Mars will be the closest it can get to earth in the next 13 years.

 Due to this celestial phenomenon of opposition Mars and Sun will be Opposite to Each other and in a straight line from our perspective on earth. Whenever a planet is in Opposition it would be closest in its orbit to earth than any other time. Hence this year Mars will appear Closest, brightest, biggest (from Telescope). 

Closest in 13 years - Similar Distance in 2033  : As of 6th Oct 2020 at 7.47 p.m. Planet Mars is placed at 0.415 AU i.e. 62.02 million km. Generally, the Minimum Distance from Mars to Earth is 55.7 Million km whereas the Maximum Distance Planet Mars can be away from Earth is 401.3 Million Km. So considering the Closest/Farthest distance of Mars can get to earth Oct 2020 is one of the best opportunity for people to see and appreciate Mars. It will take another 13 Years for Mars to match 2020 closeness to earth i.e. in June 2033.

Distance Data - Mars Opposition & Closest approach to Earth

 Occurs once in every 26 Months

14 Oct 2020

Mars distance to earth: 0.419 AU,

8 Dec 2022

Mars distance to earth: 0.550 AU,

16 Jan 2025

 Mars distance to earth: 0.644 AU,

19 Feb 2027

 Mars distance to earth: 0.678 AU,

25 Mar 2029

 Mars distance to earth: 0.649 AU

4 May 2031

Mars distance to earth: 0.559 AU

28 Jun 2033



Mars distance to earth: 0.427 AU

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