FIRST CABINET 1947- GANDHIJI SUGGESTION-A LESSON FOR STUDENTS  This video proves we have to develop/excel in any subject in such way that..No one be able to Ignore us even when they know we are his/her Opponent while understanding it's there loss if Ignore.Dr.Ambedkar Life shows there are also people to support if want to study&excel with determination.Here is video of a situation when  Nehru&Sardar Patelji meet Gandhi ji with Fair List of  Cabinet for new Govt.But Gandhiji suggests

7 non-members of Congress&ask ensure to include women, Muslim, Parsis, Sikh& Harijans.

Understanding Gandhiji indication..Nehruji replies we have Babu Jagjivanram name in the list.

For which Gandhiji asks what about Ambedkar and says following words

“He is my old OPPONENT... it’s also true that in Entire India ...reg- subjects of CONSTITUTION&LAW....there is no one else better than him who knows. If you don’t utilize the knowledge and experience of Mr. Ambedkar ...loss is not his...lts Hindustan’s loss”

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