Solar Cycle 11 Years Ago Fb Memories

11 years ago news of **Geomagnetic Storm** spread like fire in Print/Electronic Media.

👆Accordingly I spoke on TV & wrote blog & we gave release after thorough reading, discussion with relevant scientists in India& across World.

Wherein we explained the **11 years Solar Cycle** of the Sun. 

**Recently new Solar Cycle no.25 started (Dec 2019 to 2030)** with regular Sunspots being spotted indicating Heightened activity Sun. The new cycle of Sun will reach its peak by 2025. 

**Today facebook Memories** reminded me of this article on my fb page.Back in 2011 I may not have expected I will be remembering/reposting this after 11years. 

**This year 2022** already, never before historic outbursts on the Sun were recorded in March, April months. 

**As new Solar Cycle will peak by 2025**. Till then we can regularly expect to hear breaking news regarding outbursts from Sun, Solar Flares, CME, Geomagnetic Storm etc..

**Note:**In Jan 2023 ISRO is planning to launch **Aditya L1** Mission to study Sun.

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