On 9th May 2023 one of the interesting celestial events “Zero Shadow” will occur at 12.12 pm Noon. Hence to create awareness about this occurrence promoting astronomy, the role of the tropics in Earth's climate is celebrated as “Zero Shadow Day”.  

Zero Shadow occurs when Sun is exactly overhead for a location. Whereas this event occurs twice every year.  The date of Occurrence of this event varies according to the observer’s location in certain latitudes on the Globe.  The next Zero Shadow for Hyderabad will occur on 3rd August 2023 (12.22 pm Noon).

Its a fact that Earth taken has a globe, is separated into two halves by an imaginary line of the Equator. In which northern halve is called the northern hemisphere and the southern halve is called Southern Hemisphere. Importantly for various purposes, we have lines of latitude and longitude drawn on the Earth’s Globe.  Wherein the latitude of the “Tropic of Cancer” is located 23.5 degrees North of the Equator. Whereas the Latitude of the “Tropic of Capricorn” is located 23.5 Degree South of the Equator.  It is important to know 40% of the world's population inhabits the tropical regions of the globe. These regions are typically characterized by hot and humid climates, abundant rainfall, and lush vegetation.

Zero Shadow occurs when Sun reaches the highest point in the sky above the Tropic of Cancer or Tropic of Capricorn every year. Rotation of Earth with 23.5 Degree axial tilt and Earth’s Elliptic path of revolution around the Sun. Results in North Ward movement of the Sun (Uttarayana) or South Ward Movement of Sun (Dakshinayana) in the earth Sky thus contributing to the occurrence of Zero Shadow Day.  Dates and timings.



10 May 2023 (11.53 a.m.)

2 August 2023 (12.04pm Noon)


11 May 2023 (12.08 pm Noon)

1 August (12.18 pm Noon)


12 May 2023 (11.52am)

31 July (12.03 pm Noon)


12 May 2023 (11.51am)

31 July (12.01 pm Noon)


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