In the coming months various historic mission are being planned to launched from our country in coming months/years. On one hand, India is sending a mission to the moon, and other hand sending a mission to Sun. At the same time, India is preparing for Gaganyaan Mission to take our own astronauts to space.

Hence, on eve of India’s third Mission to Moon  Chandrayaan 3 launch on 14 July 2023 Planetary Society of India is starting 75 days unique campaign called “To the Moon and Beyond”. Beginning with Chandrayaan 3 regular updates of the journey of the mission to moon will be shared on daily basis. Importantly awareness sessions in Schools, Colleges will be organized during period of this campaign.

Invitation to Schools/Colleges to Host: Educational institutions in both telugu states and across India can contact us at 799 348 2012 for hosting the sessions.  In this regard Veteran Senior Scientist C. Ramakrishna Retd. ISRO has released the poster at the meet. 

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