Saturn Mars Conjunction And Earth at Aphelion

Conjunction of Planet Mars and Saturn :

On 10th July Saturn and Mars are at Conjunction. i.e. As seen from earth in the western sky they appear to be very close to one another.

If one observed the Sky in the beginning of year one could spot Planet Mars in the background of Stars in the Constellation of Cancer. And Saturn in the Constellation of Leo the lion.

However as seen from earth (kindly see the animation) one can see that Planet Mars is moving in the background of Stars in the Constellation of Leo the Lion. Where already Planet Saturn is found.

On 10th of July Mars would be in conjunction to Saturn at 6.11 p.m. Further it would be just 0.7 degree south of Planet Saturn and if one can not over next few days/months to come it can be found to moving into background of different constellations like Virgo etc.. This alignment of Planet Mars and Saturn will not happen this close until year 2022.

How to Observe/Direction:
After Sun Set if one looks toward the Western sky one can find two non twinkling bright stars like points. They are Planet Mars and Saturn.

Whether Telescope Needed ?

Naked Eye :
If Skies are clear. Spotting of Planet Jupiter can be done with greater ease as it would be shining all through the night rising from South Eastern sky and Setting in South western Sky.

Being far way Saturn and Mars can be spotted with little difficultly among other stars in the sky. However they would be visible like non twinkling tiny points in Western Sky.

With Telescope to Appreciate Finest Features :
However if one likes to study and appreciate the detailed view of above planets then they would require a astronomical telescope. Even View from Binocular would be splendid.

Earth at Aphelion :

At beginning of the Year Planet Earth was at Perihelion. i.e. in its orbit (ellipse or Egg shaped) or it was at nearest point to sun during course of it journey around Sun.

Presently on 4th July, 2008 Earth was at aphelion. That it is at farthest point from Sun.

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